Dr. Nasreen Majid (Associate Professor of Primary Mathematics Education, University of Reading) has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Education (EdD) from the University of Reading.

Her thesis, titled ‘The developing professional identity of Primary Mathematics Specialist Teachers [PMaSTs]; how primary teachers’ biographical processes and experiences shape their new professional identities and career trajectories’, was supervised by Dr. Karen Jones and Prof. Alan Floyd.


On her research, Dr. Majid said:

“My study sets out to understand how primary teachers in England, throughout their professional career, build their identity as PMaSTs.  The study mapped out the participants’ journey from learning mathematics, the part this played in shaping their mathematics identity, and their career development. Their values and future career goals that emerged as a result of becoming PMaSTs were explored to understand the shaping of a professional identity.  The research adopted an interpretative, narrative life history approach to capture the lived experiences of twelve participants, who were established PMaSTs in their educational setting. Data were collected in two stages. First, through a Life Graph drawing activity, and second, a life history interview. The findings show the way primary teachers learn mathematics has a profound effect on how they see themselves as mathematicians and teachers of mathematics. The data highlights how primary teachers can be supported to overcome their negative experiences to develop specialist roles through transformative learning processes, supported by leaders and coaches, throughout their careers. The study, although not generalisable, adds to the canon of literature on identity development within mathematics education. The detailed understanding gained about PMaSTs’ identity constructs and their professional careers trajectories aspires to help policymakers in supporting primary teachers seeking to develop into PMaSTs.”


Reflecting on her EdD journey, she commented that:

“Undertaking a Professional Doctorate whilst working full time in a demanding job has had its highs and lows! I have really valued the professional growth I have achieved through the process of completing my EdD. The area of research is of personal interest as my own career trajectory shared parallels with my participants. I have already used many aspects of my EdD learning in my professional work and will continue to do so. I am really looking forward to publishing my thesis and continue to further my work on Primary Mathematics Specialist Teachers’ professional identities. The thesis would not have been completed without the tremendous guidance, support, and coaching of my supervisors Dr. Karen Jones and Prof. Alan Floyd, I have learnt so much from their experience and areas of expertise. Thank You!”


Many congratulations from all of us here at the University of Reading’s Institute of Education!


You can find more about Dr. Majid’s research interests here. She tweets at @majid_nasreen.