Research related to the teaching of children with English as an additional language (EAL) by Dr. Naomi Flynn (Associate Professor of Primary English Education, University of Reading) was recently cited in a Times Educational Supplement TES article, titled ‘Long read: What’s the best way to support EAL students?’.

Drawing on her years of research-to-practice studies with teachers of EAL pupils, Dr. Flynn’s advice is distilled into three questions that practitioners can ask themselves in order to ensure that lessons are talk-rich and language-development focussed, and they are: ‘What are the language development needs of my students?’, ‘What are the language demands of my lesson?’ and ‘How can I plan opportunities for speaking and listening in English and does my lesson content match the home and school experiences of my pupils?’.

The article can be accessed here. (Subscription is required.)

To learn more about Dr. Flynn’s research interests, click here. She tweets at @naomiflynn61.