Dr. Billy Wong’s (Associate Professor in Widening Participation, University of Reading) latest research paper explores the experiences of minority ethnic students in UK higher education, especially their approaches to racism and coping strategies. The research is published in Cambridge Journal of Education and was part of his recently Student Experiences in STEM project (SESTEM).

The paper draws on 51 in-depth interviews and discusses the different ways in which racism can affect students and the extent to which it is normalised. As a means of coping, the paper discusses how students appear to develop different degrees of emotional detachment and desensitisation towards racist behaviours.

Dr. Wong’s article is co-written with Meggie Copsey-Blake (a recent MA Education graduate) and Reham ElMorally (Teaching and Learning Project Officer in the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development) – both at the University of Reading.

For more information on Dr. Wong’s research, visit his staff profile page here. You can also follow him on Twitter here.



Wong, B., Copsey-Blake, M., & ElMorally, R. (2022). Silent or silenced? Minority ethnic students and the battle against racism. Cambridge Journal of Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/0305764X.2022.2047889