The University of Reading’s London Road campus came to life for three weeks of graduation ceremonies this summer as students who had been unable to formally graduate due to the pandemic finally had the opportunity to attend a ceremony. Congratulations goes to the following students on both of our  PhD programme and EdD programme who formally graduated at this summer’s ceremonies.


Dr. Ruth Moyse (PhD graduate)


Dr. Abrar A Owaidah – Autonomous learning in Saudi writing classroom: Teachers’ and students’ beliefs, attitudes, and practices. (Supervisors: Professor Suzanne Graham and Dr. Daisy Powell) – Graduating in absence

Dr. Ahlam Alatiq – Exploring resistance to change and teacher attitude towards educational change in female schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (Supervisors: Professor Richard Harris and Dr. Fiona Curtis)

Dr. Azzah Hadhil H Alsubaie – An investigation into experiences and perceptions of school performance evaluation (SPE) in secondary schools in Saudi Arabia. (Supervisors: Dr. Karen Jones and Dr. Chris Turner)

Dr. Harriet L Speed – What is the effect of contextualised grammar teaching using Functional Linguistics strategies on the understanding of Year 9 learners in writing tasks? (Supervisors: Professor Rhona Stainthorp and Dr. Alison Silby)

Dr. James Bury – Developing and enhancing communicative competence among foreign language learners in Japan. (Supervisors: Professor Suzanne Graham and Dr. Anthony Zhang) – Graduating in absence

Dr. James Wagstaffe – How native-Chinese speakers establish discourse-level mental representations of English-language academic texts: A mixed method study. (Supervisors: Professor Suzanne Graham and Professor Holly Joseph)

Dr. Kafa H Alenezi – The leadership development of managers working in the Ministry of Education and educational districts in Kuwait. (Supervisors: Dr. Chris Turner and Dr. Karen Jones)

Dr. Keltoum Mansouri – Research into practice: implementing strategy and metacognition-based instruction in the teaching of EFL listening for Algerian university teachers and students. (Supervisors: Professor Suzanne Graham and Professor Naomi Flynn)

 Dr. Maali A H Aloudah – Exploring Saudi Adolescents’ perceptions of emotional eating with the purpose of informing the design of an online health awareness programme. (Supervisors: Professor Yota Dimitriadi and Professor Rachel McCrindle [BioMed])

Dr. Meilun Yan – Left-behind children in rural China: an exploratory case study of the level of Autonomy of ‘left-behind children’ in rural China. (Supervisors: Professor Carol Fuller and Dr. Karen Jones) – Graduating in absence

Dr. Muna H A Muqaibal – Evaluating the effectiveness of spaced practice using computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in teaching and learning English vocabulary in the classroom: The case of Om. (Supervisors: Professor Cathy Tissot and Dr. Rowena Kasprowicz)

Dr. Nasir Nazatul Syima B Mohd – The international experience of government-sponsored Malaysian doctoral students in the UK: Language, intercultural communications, and identities. (Supervisors: Dr. Daguo Li and Professor Holly Joseph)

Dr. Robert E Webster – The experiences of pupils with a Statement of special educational needs in mainstream schools. (Supervisors: Professor Cathy Tissot and Professor Rhona Stainthorp) – Graduating in absence

Dr. Ruth Moyse – Missing: The autistic girls absent from mainstream secondary schools. (Supervisors: Professor Cathy Tissot and Professor Holly Joseph)

Dr. Sheikha B Majid – English to Malay and back again: An analysis of lecturers’ code switching in English classrooms. (Supervisors: Professor Jeanine Treffers-Daller and Professor Naomi Flynn)

From left to right: Dr. Billy Wong (supervisor), Dr. John Knight (EdD graduate), Dr. Peter Jeffreys (EdD graduate), Dr. Karen Jones (supervisor), Dr. Sarah Sherwood (EdD graduate), and Professor Cathy Tissot (supervisor).



Dr. Charlotte Wilson – Can a targeted intervention programme promote change in the educational aspirations, attitudes and beliefs of a group of underachieving white British disadvantaged girls? (Supervisors: Professor Carol Fuller)

Dr. Clare MartinHidden voices: the influence of the inclusion of visually impaired pupils on the teaching and learning of others. (Supervisors: Professor Jill Porter, Professor Yota Dimitriadi and Dr. Anna Tsakalaki)

Dr. Grace Elizabeth ElliottReading for Meaning: Interventions to ameliorate children’s reading comprehension difficulties. A randomised controlled trial to investigate whether interventions in oral language and text-based strategies improve the reading comprehension skills of students aged between 11 and 13. (Supervisors: Professor Holly Joseph and Dr. Daisy Powell)

Dr. John Knight – Square pegs in round holes: A study around student aspiration in a high performing international school environment. (Supervisors: Dr. Bill Wong)

Dr. Nasreen Majid – The developing professional identity of Primary Mathematics Specialist Teachers [PMaSTs]; how primary teachers’ biographical processes and experiences shape their new professional identities and career trajectories. (Supervisors: Dr. Karen Jones and Professor Alan Floyd)

Dr. Peter Jeffreys – To what extent can social media influence parental engagement in a primary school? (Supervisors: Professor Yota Dimitriadi and Dr. Billy Wong)

Dr. Sarah Rogers – Narratives of Asian women migrant teachers in Dubai: exploring the challenges of teaching in a contrasting pedagogical and cultural context. (Supervisors: Dr. Geoff Taggart and Dr. Maria Kambouri)

Dr. Sarah SherwoodEmotional labour: The perceptions and experiences of senior leaders in Autism specific special schools in England. (Supervisors: Dr. Karen Jones and Professor Cathy Tissot)