In September, Jørn Ove Asklund, Astrid Kufaas Morken and Silje Neraas – academics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway’s largest public research university) – visited Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai (Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Reading) to learn about his Maths Through Stories research to help them develop their in-service teacher training course with a focus on mathematics and literacy.

At the meeting, Dr. Trakulphadetkrai shared the research findings from his University of Reading Research Fellowship project, and talked about his new British Academy / Leverhulme-funded research project. He then explained the format of his popular Maths Through Stories training course which he has delivered to over 3,500 pre- and in-service teachers in the UK and internationally, including an annual invitation (since 2020) from the University of Cambridge to help train their teacher trainees.

The Norwegian colleagues were recommended to meet with Dr. Trakulphadetkrai by Professor Jeremy Hodgen (Professor of Mathematics Education at the UCL Institute of Education and Chair of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics).


To learn more about Dr. Trakulphadetkrai’s research interests, click here. He tweets at @NatthapojVinceT.