Dr. Nasreen Majid (Associate Professor of Education, University of Reading) has edited a book, titled Essential Subject Knowledge for Primary Teaching (published by SAGE). She has also written a chapter on sustainability and climate change education in the book, which highlights to need to embed this vital area of learning across all training programmes and hence have a ripple effect in schools.

Other academic members of staff at the University’s Institute of Education have also contributed to the book. Martin Sutton (Lecturer in Geography), for example, has co- authored the Geography chapter, and Nick Davis (Lecturer in Mathematics Education) has authored the Mathematics Chapter.  Moreover, academic from across England have contributed chapters.

The book aspires to highlight and undertakes a contemporary lens on the construct of subject knowledge for teachers in a changing world. Each chapter features a deep understanding of the nature of all curriculum subjects featured in the National Curriculum. The book offers a secure foundation of subject, pedagogical and curricular knowledge. Chapters feature classroom ideas, sequences of lesson, links to further learning and each chapter embeds the Initial Teacher Training Core Content Framework, supporting reflection from trainee and Early Career Teachers (ECTs). The book also highlights the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion across all chapters and enables new teachers to bring new voices and perspectives to the classroom.

The main audience for this book are teacher trainees and ECTs. However, the book can also be a helpful addition to any staffroom to support the ideas of decolonising and diversifying the curriculum. Additionally, the book may also be used by parents, as a reference point, to support their child/children’s development in the National Curriculum and beyond.

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You can find more about Dr. Majid’s research interests here. She tweets at @DrMajid_nasreen.