The University of Reading’s Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism (CeLM) has released a new video series, titled ‘CeLM in Conversation’, with each video features two CeLM members talking about different aspects of multilingualism research.

The first video in the series (‘The Bilingual Brain’) features Dr. Christos Pliatsikas (School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences) and Dr. Fraibet Aveledo (Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics). The second video (‘Supporting Multilingual Learners’) features Dr. Anna Tsakalaki (Institute of Education) and Dr. Tony Capstick (Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics), and the third video (‘Multilingual Language and Literacy Development’) features Professors Ludovica Serratrice (School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences) and Holly Joseph (Institute of Education).

CeLM Director, Professor Holly Joseph (Professor of Language Education and Literacy Development, University of Reading), says “We hope that these short videos will showcase the fantastic interdisciplinary work we do at CeLM, with substantial input from IoE colleagues, in particular Anna Tsakalaki who lead the initiative”.


If you would like to find out more about CeLM, visit their website or YouTube channel.