Latest research paper by Dr. Billy Wong’s (Associate Professor in Widening Participation, University of Reading) from his recent Student Experiences in STEM (SESTEM) project has been published in the journal, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. Written with Meggie Copsey-Blake (a research assistant on the project and a first-year PhD in Education student), the paper uses three years of qualitative data to explore the identity development and belonging of three minority ethnic women, from the start to the end of their STEM undergraduate degrees.

The experiences and trajectories of ‘Nancy’, ‘Carol’ and ‘Mawiya’ are discussed, highlighting their pathways in STEM higher education as being pragmatic, persistent or precarious. The paper discusses their conscious as well as cautious approach to STEM education at different stages of the degree, adding to the UK literature base on STEM higher education experiences.


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Wong, B., & Copsey-Blake, M. (2022). Pragmatic, persistent and precarious: The pathways of three minority ethnic women in STEM higher education. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.