Dr. Daisy Powell (Associate Professor in the Psychology of Written Language, University of Reading’s Institute of Education) has recently been appointed as director of the University’s new Statistics Community of Practice (SCoP).

The purpose of the SCoP is to consolidate good practices in the application of statistics across the research process, across all Schools and including research support functions. In her role as the SCoP director, Dr. Powell will support and involve colleagues across the University who use, need to use, or need to have an awareness of, statistical methods in research.

Dr. Powell said: “This is an exciting new University initiative and I’m delighted to have been offered this role.  I’m looking forward to working with colleagues across the University in identifying best practice in the use of statistics in different disciplines, and in working to ensure that the quality of our research is maximised though the use of open and robust research practices.”

Professor Parveen Yaqoob, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) said: “Establishing a Statistics Community of Practice aligns with the University Research Strategy objective to support open and transparent research which meets the highest standards of integrity, help research-active colleagues to achieve greater research quality and to have greater success in winning research grants.”

To learn more about Dr. Powell’s research interests, click here.