What is the project about?

The Supporting the Identity Development of Underrepresented Students (SIDUS) project was a two-year study aimed at promoting inclusion and supporting success for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) students from underrepresented groups at university. Building on our earlier research on the identity work on the educational strategies of high-achieving non-traditional university students in post-1992 universities, we explored the lived experiences of STEMM students from underrepresented groups (e.g., minority ethnic, first-generation, mature, LGBTQ, disabled students, women, etc.). We co-developed with student partners inspiring videos of personal stories and other relevant resources for staff and students to enhance an inclusive and supportive learning environment that maximises the participation, strengths and potential of the current and prospective underrepresented STEMM students. By understanding how these groups of students navigate their way through university life contributes to our knowledge of their successes, challenges and opportunities, allowing for better support of academic and professional identity and a sense of belonging which are central to the wellbeing of our students.

Who was running the project?

The project was led by Dr Tiffany Chiu at Imperial College London (with Dr Órla Meadhbh Murray, Dr Jo Horsburgh and Professor Martyn Kingsbury), in collaboration with Professor Billy Wong at the University of Reading.

Who funded the project?

This project is funded by Imperial College London.

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