What was the project about?

This project examined the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ students aged 11-18 in six high schools in the south of England. Research indicates that this group of students are more likely to suffer victimisation from their peers, are at significantly greater risk of mental health problems and are more likely to achieve low academic outcomes from their education.

Using focus group interviews and a survey of the wider student cohort, this study sought to contrast the views of non-LGBTQ+ students with LGBTQ+ students’ experiences, looking at issues relating to school culture and school climate.

Who is/was running the project?

This was a team project. The lead researcher was R Harris from the University of Reading working in collaboration with Ann E. Wilson-Daily from the University of Barcelona and Markus Kemmelmeier from the University of Nevada. Meggie Copsey-Blake, a PhD student at the University of Reading worked as research assistant.

Who funded the project?

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues