What is the project about?

The overall aim of the project was to investigate the perceived skills that employers think are essential for workers to have gained through further education, training, and prior experience for employment. Through this research, it is hoped to highlight whether employers think these skills are lacking, identify any perceived obstacles and offer solutions for improving skills take up and development in the further education sector, as well as seeking to understand the underlying causes of any lack of skills progression and productivity within the business sector in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

To achieve these aims, data were collected from focus groups with employers (n=17), an online survey (n=100), and follow up interviews with a range of employers from the Thames Valley area (n=14).

Who is running the project?

The project was run by Professor Alan Floyd at the University of Reading in collaboration with Professor Suzanne Graham, Professor Carol Fuller, and Dr Heike Kruseman.

Who is funding the project?

The project was funded by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce