What was the project about?

This project provided a review and reflection of the outputs and impacts of the Supporting the Identity Development of Underrepresented Students (SIDUS) project, funded by Imperial College London, in collaboration with the University of Reading. The aim was to promote inclusion and diversity and support success for underrepresented students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM).

With an increasing number of students from underrepresented backgrounds in STEMM at university, it is important to cultivate a diverse and inclusive academic community for all. This is particularly important for students’ belonging and the development of their disciplinary and professional identities.

Who is running the project?

The project was led by Dr Tiffany Chiu at Imperial College London (with Dr Ă“rla Meadhbh Murray, Dr Jo Horsburgh and Professor Martyn Kingsbury), in collaboration with Professor Billy Wong at the University of Reading.

Who funded the project?

This project is funded by Advance HE.

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