What is project about?

Given the significant role that gender-based violence, polyvictimisation, class and race-based social exclusions play in the lives of criminalised girls and women, it follows that trauma-informed, early interventions play a vital role. Central to all such interventions is the message that those professionals and practitioners who spend most time with individuals are the primary facilitators for change. Youth offending teams and prisons are not primarily designed to address the needs outlined in this report. Early intervention in schools and education and training for criminal justice professionals are required to support girls and women more effectively in contact with youth and criminal justice system.  This research presents the results of girls in youth justice first. The literature search sets out the pattern of needs and vulnerabilities that marks the lives of girls in youth justice.

Who is running the project?

Professor Carol Fuller and Professor Jo Phoenix

Who is funding the project?

This project is funded by the Ministry of Justice and Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit.