Meet Our Researchers

Academic Staff
Associated with Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group

Dr Phil Coker
Associate Professor
Dr Emmanuel Essah
Associate Professor
Dr Christos Halios
Dr Rory Jones
Associate Professor

Dr Máté Lőrincz

Dr Eugene Mohareb
Associate Professor
Dr Mehdi Shahrestani
Associate Professor in Sustainable Technology
Professor Li Shao
Professor Stefan Thor Smith
Professor Jacopo Torriti
Dr Maria Vahdati
Associate Professor
Dr Chuang Wen
Associate Professor
Professor Runming Yao

Postdoctoral Research Assistants
Associated with Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group

Dr Jessica Bosseaux
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Food Systems Modelling
Dr Michelle Felton
Postdoctoral Research Fellow on Environmental Impacts of Wheat
Dr Samuele Lo Piano
Postdoctoral Research Fellow on Flexibility in Energy Demand
Dr Jose Luis Ramirez-Mendiola
Postdoctoral Research Fellow  on Flexibility in Energy Demand
Dr Sajan Preet
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Energy Demand for Heating and Cooling

Dr Omid Shariati
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr Wesley Tang
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Timur Yunusov
Postdoctoral Research Fellow on Flexibility in Energy Demand

Visiting Research Fellows
Associated with Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group



Denise Hertwig
Air Pollution Exposure

Current PhD Students

Student Topic
Abdul Ahad Jhumka
Study of the transient stability of a renewable energy grid for Small Island Developing states
Ahmed Elgamal
Assessement of energy management approaches of Virtual Power Plants in regulated and deregulated electricity markets
Azad Ashraf Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment – Decentralized waste to compost
Bashar Alfalah Identifying the Patterns and Profiles of the Occupants and their Influence on Energy Performance in a High-Density Higher Education Buildings
Christina Bristow Using an Urban Metabolism approach to understand the infrastructural dynamics of the UK urban domestic heat supply
Hillary Chanda Renewable energy adoption and management in rural Zambia
Jedidiah Oru-Bo Decarbonisation of the UK food system
Jenny Berger The impact of indoor plants on indoor air quality and people’s well-being
Josie Lloyd-Papworth
Isaac Guzman Estrada An assessment of low carbon food environments
Nada Al Dosary Evaluating the thermal impact of built environment surfaces on urban trees for achieving maximum cooling performance in the school’s car parking and walkways in the UK and Saudi Arabia.
Raed Alshammari
Shiyu Han Modelling and mapping of retrofit of urban residential buildings
Tariq Obeid Forecast Uncertainty analysis for PV+ Systems operation strategies.
Vitor Lavor Airborne infection risk in complex urban environments: modelling, mapping and mitigation
Wenbo Wang Microclimate simulation for strategic urban planning-based on GIS
Xizhen Huang The Effectiveness of Green Infrastructure for Mitigating Urban Heat Stress and Improving Perceived Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Chongqing and Reading: A Cross-Climatic Mixed Methods Comparative Case Study
Nao Shibata Life cycle sustainability assessment of domestic retrofit
Yiming Sui Carbon management in the Chinese food system

Past PhD Students

Student Topic
Brian Chiu Cultural ecosystem services from urban greenspace