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CREDS: Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions – Mobility Theme

Our Transport & Mobility work is focused on researching how to reduce energy use in the sector. We are developing state-of-the-art models for transport energy demand in the areas of…Read More >

SMaRT – Sustainable Heavy Duty Truck, Marine and Rail Transport

Decarbonisation of transport sector, particularly, the heavy duty segment will have a key role in achieving net zero greenhouse gas emission targets and tackling the climate change issues. For long…Read More >

ADEPT Thames Valley Berkshire – Live Labs, Energy Theme

Funded by the DfT through a competition call led by ADEPT (Association of Directors for Environment Planning and Transport) and match funded by project partner Telefonica/O2. This project is developing…Read More >

Weather-wise: working with the weather to improve construction productivity

As part of the NERC Environmental Risk to Infrastructure Innovation Programme, this project looked at the implications of anticipated weather delay in construction activity to project planning efficiency.¬†Unforeseen weather conditions…Read More >

A versatile PCM energy storage system for building applications – “Versatile PCM”

In the UK, heating and hot water for buildings make up 40% of energy use and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions must be reduced by over 20% by…Read More >

CREDS: Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions – Flexibility Theme

We refer to Flexibility as the capacity to use energy in different locations at different times of day or year (via storage or by changing the timing of activity); to…Read More >

APEx – An Air Pollution Exposure model to integrate protection of vulnerable groups into the UK Clean Air Programme

Bringing together experts from a range of disciplines, this study will create a tool that will inform the implementation of the UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy. This tool, called APEx,…Read More >

Urban Energy Rhythms

Through characterising the energy input / output behaviour of identifiable development types, this project is unlocking insights for infrastructure development as we move towards an increasingly smart and dynamic energy…Read More >