Being a pre-modern historian of ageing health can be a little lonely. There are not very many of us, and we tend to be spread out across the globe. Perhaps this is what gave me the courage to submit an abstract to an event on older adult care this year that looked very exciting, but was intimidatingly cross-disciplinary…. [read more]

Read the full blog, originally published in The Polyphony, in which Amie Bolissian considers how the ‘Old Age Care in Times of Crisis’ Symposium in April 2021, highlighted the polysemic nature of old age care, the different ways researchers approach the bio-psycho-social health of older people, and the cross-disciplinary nature of the field.

Amie Bolissian, a Doctoral Researcher in the Department of History at the University of Reading and steering committee member of the Centre for Health Humanities.

Image credit: Orazio Borgianni, (after 1610), Head of an Old Woman, Wikimedia Commons.