Dr Maria Kambouri was recently interviewed by BBC Radio Berkshire about her upcoming event as part the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science, funded by ESRC.

Dr Kambouri’s event, titled ‘Working with parents: A holistic approach to fostering partnerships’, took place on Tuesday 6th November (12:00-13:00). This invitation-only event will be co-led by Professor Carol Fuller.

When asked what this event set out to achieve, Dr. Kambouri said: “What we’re really hoping to do is to share some of the learning we have gained from previous projects we have worked on [the Marvellous Mums project and the 4Ps project]. I have been working on these projects with another colleague from the University of Reading, Professor Carol Fuller, and our work has been really focusing on finding out the more effective ways to work in partnership with parents specifically supporting them to develop their confidence and self-efficacy. What want to do through this event is to share these knowledge and this learning with other professionals who are working with parents. We are also hoping to get some of the mums had participated in our programme to share their own their own experiences, their own challenges and benefits from taking part in this project.”