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Principal Investigator

Dr. Shovonlal Roy – Shovon is an Associate Professor in Remote Sensing in Ecosystem Sciences. He leads the MarES group. His research interests include dynamical systems theory and ecological modelling; satellite remote sensing and bio-optical algorithms; data assimilation in ecosystem models; modelling and remote sensing of marine plankton carbon and bio-diversity and fish dynamics, fisheries applications. Shovon’s departmental webpage is here.

Members, Students and Visitors

Prima Anugerahanti – Prima is a PhD student exploring structural uncertainties in the marine biogeochemical model, especially the interaction between nutrients, phytoplankton, and zooplankton. More about this project.


Robin BoydRob is a PhD student developing an individual-based bioenergetics model of marine fish populations. The model uses satellite remote-sensing data to represent spatial and temporal variation in food availability and temperature. More about this project.


Joseph Watson – Joe is a PhD student working on sustainable management of UK commercial and recreational sea bass fisheries. He uses modelling techniques to investigate sub-lethal impacts in a recreational fishery and to better understand commercial fishing pressure through fisher behaviour. More about this project.

Roweena Patel – Roweena is a PhD student studying the energy transfer in marine ecosystem based on phytoplankton size structure from satellite remote sensing. More about this project.

Leanne Rule (MSc 2018-2019) – Leanne was an MSc student who studied Using Sentinel Satellite Data to Track Algae Blooms in the Baltic Sea.

Xinyi Gao (MSc 2018-2019) – Xinyi was an MSc student who studied Algae growth and competition in controlled environments.

Mayu Tsujikawa (MSc 2018-2019) – Mayu was an MSc student who studied Relationship between oil spills and algal bloom in the North Sea -using MODIS aqua for tracking bloom phenology.

Liam Bamford (MSc 2017-2018)  Liam was an MSc student who studied Algal growth and competition in a controlled environment 

Kate Hanley (BSc 2017-2018)  Kate was an undergraduate student who studied Impacts of aerosol particulates in the East China Sea, The Yellow Sea and South East China on Oceanic biomass.

Jack Taylor (BSc 2017-2018)  Jack was an undergraduate student who studied The changes in biomass density of zooplankton in the global ocean over the past 20 years; causes, consequences and future mitigation”.

Zainab Abdullahi Aminu (MSc 2016-2017) Zainab was a Masters student and studied the Change in pCO2 between the ocean and the atmosphere from 1997-2016

Wing Yan Chan (2015-2016) Wing was an undergraduate student and worked on Identifying oceanic regions affected by volcanic ash and comparing the surface ocean biology

Jinky Esin (2015-2016) Jinky was an undergraduate student and worked on How natural fishing effort and variables in the North Sea affect major fishes in the UK

Ieuan Donovan (2014-2015) Ieuan was an undergraduate student who studied Algal biofuel: A viable fuel source?

Kimberley Booth (2014-2015) Kimberley was an undergraduate student who studied Harmful algal blooms – An increasing risk to the UK in association with climate change?

James Sinclair (2014-2015) James was an undergraduate student and worked on “An assessment of the correlation between fish stock assessment made using trawl surveys and catch data with an assessment of ocean productivity utilizing remote sensing of ocean colour in the North Sea

Dr. Aldo Barreiro, a scientist from CIIMAR, University of Porto, was an academic visitor during 2014-2015, and worked on the collaborative project on Alleopathic effects on Phytoplankton dynamics.

Dr. Martina Ctvrtlikova, a scientist from Institute of Hydrobiology, Czech Republic, was an academic visitor during 2015-2016, and studied the Lake water acidification and temperature effects on Aquatic quillworts.

Associate Members

Professor Keith Haines, Meteorology
Professor Richard Sibly, SBS
Mr. Alan Yates, IEA
Dr. Kevin White GES
Dr. Liz Shaw GES
Professor Andrew Wade, GES