Academic staff
Professor Giles Harrison
Giles Harrison is professor of atmospheric physics. His research interests span atmospheric electricity, eclipse meteorology, volcanic plume electrification, solar-terrestrial relationships and novel weather measurements.
Professor Mike Lockwood
Prof. Lockwood has wide-ranging interests in solar-terrestrial physics from the solar corona to the upper atmosphere and in solar influences on global and regional climates. Currently working in constructing a space weather climatology that extends back over the past 400 year using models and analysis of space-age data.
Professor Chris Scott
Chris Scott studies the impact of the Sun and Solar wind on the Earth and its atmosphere. Research topics include; improving space-weather forecasting, the ionospheric enhancement in response to lightning; solar wind influence on lightning rates and long-term changes in the ionosphere. He has also been investigating the response of the ionosphere to solar eclipses.
Professor Mathew Owens
Mathew Owens is Professor of Space Physics. He is primarily interested in the solar wind and its space weather impact.
Associate Professor Clare Watt
Clare Watt’s research interests lie in the magnetosphere. She is interested primarily in the physics of the Radiation Belts, substorms and auroral acceleration. She uses numerical experiments, theory and observations to study plasma wave-particle interactions over a wide range of frequencies.
Research staff
Dr Keri Nicoll
Dr Keri Nicoll is a NERC Independent Research Fellow investigating the effect of energetic particles on atmospheric processes. Her wide range of research areas include atmospheric electricity, ionisation and aerosol charging processes, instrument development, and airborne measurements from balloons and unmanned aircraft.
Dr Martin Airey
Dr. Martin Airey is a postdoctoral researcher performing experimental research into electrical effects on the clouds of Earth and Venus. He also develops instrumentation for deployment in atmospheric and volcanological research. Dr. Airey has a background in Earth and Planetary Sciences and holds a DPhil in Earth Sciences (Oxford), an MRes in Science of the Environment (Lancaster), and a BSc in Geosciences (Open).
Dr Luke Barnard
Dr Luke Barnard is a postdoctoral researcher investigating aspects of space weather and space climate. He is interested what we can learn about coronal mass ejections and the solar wind from the Heliospheric Imager instruments, in particular using citizen science approaches. He is also interested in the long term variation in solar activity, and the methods that might be used to predict this.
Dr Oliver Allanson
Dr Oliver Allanson is a postdoctoral researcher and is working on the NERC Rad-Sat project with Clare Watt. The main objective of their project is to study the kinetic wave-particle interaction between whistler-mode waves and electrons in the Outer Radiation Belt of Earth’s Magnetosphere, through the use of numerical simulation and numerical analysis. Building on work begun during his PhD at St Andrews, Oliver is also working on the theory of Vlasov-Maxwell equilibria and stability, and the application to solar, space and astrophysical plasmas.
Dr Graeme Marlton

Dr Graeme Marlon is a Post-doctoral researcher working on the UAE rain enhancement project. His role is to oversee the deployment of instruments and undertake field work in the UAE using the special modified balloon packages to investigate the electrical properties of clouds.

Research interests: Designing and utilising balloon borne instrumentation, novel measurement techniques, atmospheric turbulence, atmospheric electricity, gravity waves, electrical and dynamical interactions on clouds and science art collaboration.

Allan Macneil

Allan Macneil is a postdoctoral researcher studying heliospheric physics. He is interested in the origins of the solar wind, and how this can be tested using signatures in the heliospheric magnetic field, solar wind particle populations, and remote solar imagery.

Sarah Bentley
Sarah Bentley investigates how best to parameterise magnetospheric ultra low frequency wave activity from in-situ solar wind observations.
PhD students
Téo Bloch

Téo Bloch is a PhD student investigating the solar wind and the Outer Radiation Belt. His interests are in Machine Learning and data techniques for reducing bias.

James Gilmore
James Gilmore investigates atmospheric electricity.
Shannon Jones
Shannon works with the Solar Stormwatch citizen science project, and the remote sensing instruments on NASA’s twin STEREO spacecraft, to investigate new methods of forecasting the space weather impacts of coronal mass ejections.
Carl Haines

Carl Haines is a Phd student investigating the effects of space weather. He is interested in the solar wind drivers behind geomagnetic storms.