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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Current PhD students

Name Photo Role Tel. / Room No. Email
 Combining multiple streams of environmental data into a decision support tool for maize-based systems in Sub-Saharan Africa 7037 / Lyle 505
 Air-sea exchanges at the ocean Mesoscale: a driver of ocean circualtion 7893 / 1U07
 The nature and importance of connective activity interaction between Congo basin and Eastern Africa 5338 / 1U09
 Ocean Dynamics and the latitude of the Ice Edge 5338 / 1U09
 Fragmentation and melting of seasonal sea ice cover 6906 / 306 Lyle
 Using urban observations in numerical weather prediction: mathematical techniques for multi-scale filtering 7893 / 1U07
The role of the Asian Summer Monsoon in European Summer Climate Variability 5338 / 1U09
The control of cloud and moisture on extratropical cyclone evolution 7037 / Lyle 505
 The Outer Boundary of the Outer Radiation Belt 6906 / 306 Lyle
 Developing high-resolution NWP for local-scale air quality prediction over cities 5280 / 2U06
Extracting likely scenarios from high resolution ensemble forecasts in real-time 7893 / 1U07
 Understanding the spatial distribution of polar lows (Arctic hurricances) and their importance in the climate system
The contribution of near-infrared bands of greenhouse gases to radiative forcing 7893 / 1U07
Quantifying the impact of increased atmospheric CO2 and climate change on photosynthesis using Solar Induced Fluorescence 6906 / Lyle 306
 Static to dynamic data mining to improve future predictions of anthropogenic heat flux 5280 / 2U06
 Modelling convection in the grey zone 5338 / 1U09
0118 378 6906 / Lyle306
 Measuring the pulse of  Bagana volcano 5216 / HP288
 Cloud electrification and lightning in the evolution of convective storms / 505 Lyle
5280 / 2U06
On seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasting of the Indian monsoon low pressure systems 7037 / Lyle 505
Understanding monsoon cloud development using Doppler weather radar and high resolution modelling 7037 / Lyle 505
 Combining multiple streams of environmental data into a soil moisture dataset for maize-based systems in Sub-Saharan Africa / 505 Lyle
 The state of climate between 1960 and 1979: new insights from early satellite observations / 179 (HP)
 Large-scale drivers of the seasonal to decadal variability in Mesoamerica’s hydrological cycle 5582 / 2U08
Sea ice and climate feedbacks in the Southern Ocean 7893 / 1U07
 Diabatic heating and tropical circulations 5338 / 1U09
The impact of atmosphere-wave-ocean coupling on extreme surface wind forecasts 7037 / Lyle 505
Electrical pre-conditioning of convective clouds
Constructing a space weather climatology for the power industry 6906 / Lyle 306
Testing historical reconstructions of global sea surface temperature using early satellite data
 Thermodynamic constraints on tropical cyclone intensity and frequency 5338 / 1U09
Representing uncertainty in land surface hydrology for seasonal forecasting
 Understanding the evolution of the Indian monsoon with high-resolution modelling 7893 / 1U07
Impacts of black carbon on the timing of the snow melt
 Island convection and interaction with larger scales / 1U08
Forecasting of arrivals of coronal mass ejections 5280 / 2U06
 Explaining timescales associated with jet stream variability 5280 / 2U06
7037 / 505 Lyle
 The impact of aerosol for precipitation
 Fundamental properties of tropical circulations: Thermodynamics analysis of coupled column models 5280 / 2U06
 Modelling Pontocaspian lake basin development over the Quaternary 7897 / 508 (Lyle)
Understanding the impact of Anthropogenic aerosol emissions on north atlantic mulidecadal variability 5582 / 2U08
How can the stratosphere help us predict the weather several weeks ahead? 7893 / 1U07
/ External
 Decedal Variability of Tropical Cyclones: Natural Variability or Anthropogenic Influence? 6906 / 306 Lyle
Downstream control of blocking and Rossby wave breaking by extratropical cyclones 5338 / 1U09
High resolution air-sea coupling for downstream storm prediction 7893 / 1U07
A study of convergence zones in South America: driving mechanisms and their decadal variability 6906 / Lyle 306
 Fast, approximate methods for electromagnetic wave scattering by complex ice crystals and snowflakes / 505 Lyle
 Mathematical Modelling of Atmospheric convection for better Regional Climate Change prediction 5280 / 2U06
 The North Brazil Current and its role in the Atlantic Meridional overturning circulation and climate
 Improving the accuracy of air quality forecasts 5338 / 1U08
Observational and modelling studies of severe rain events during the North-East Monsoon over Peninsular Malaysia 5338 / 1U09
 Development of scale-awareness in the representation of convective cloud systems 5338 / 1U09
/ 2U06
Interactions between radiation and convective organisation 7037 / Lyle 505
Using aviation meteorology to improve aircraft safety 5419 / 2U07
6663 / 1U08
Iterative ensemble Kalman smoothers with time-correlated model errors 7893 / 1U07
 Improved correction of the vertical profile of reflectivity
 Surface fluxes, temperatures and Boundary Layer evolutions in the building grey zone in London 5582 / 2U08
 Mathematical Techniques for Atmospheric Convection to Improve Severe Weather Prediction 5582 / 2U08
 Mathematical modelling of the thermomaline interaction between sea ice and the oceanic mixed layer 5582 / 2U08
 Climate variability and the influence of early anthropogenic land-use over the Holocene / 179 (Harry Pitt)
A global perspective on the urban heat island effect 5582 / 2U08
 Advancing marine ecosystem understanding and predictions using a novel data assimilation method
 European Climate and renewable energy generation / at Met Office
 The Role of Updrafts in Cloud Evolution 7037 / 505 Lyle
 The role of Southeast Asia & Maritime Continent in tropical climate variability and teleconnections
Wind profile effects on gravity wave drag and their impact on the global atmospheric circulation 6906 / Lyle306
 Quantifying Arctic Storm Risk in a Changing Climate 6906 / 306 Lyle
 Thermal Remote Sensing of Coastal Waters 5216 / 1U08
Optimising future observing networks for the evolving urban landscape 5582 / 2U08
7893 / 1U07
 The air we breathe – Quantifying stratospheric influence on extreme air pollution events / 306 Lyle
 Arctic mass, freshwater and heat fluxes in high-resolution global coupled climate models 5582 / 2U08
Using Interferometric SAR for Pan-Arctic Monitoring of Permafrost State and Greenhouse Gas Release 5280 / 2U06
 Representing urban vegetation in weather and climate models 7893 / 1U07

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