Previous Open Research Champions:

Kleio Akrivou (2022-2023)
Professor, Henley Business School

Cristiana Bercea (2021-2022)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Pharmacy

Sarra Bouabdeli (2022-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Philosophy

Marzia Briel Barreiro (2021-2023)
Associate Lecturer, Law

Daniel Brady (2021-2022)
Research Technician, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

Peter Bray (2021-2022)
Research Fellow in Material Science, Archaeology

Auvikki de Boon (2021-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Agriculture, Policy and Development

Marcello De Maria (2021-2023)
Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Applied Economics and Marketing

Zoƫ Dennehy (2021-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Biological Sciences

Joanne Dunster (2021-2022)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biomedical Sciences

Al Edwards (2021-2022)
Associate Professor, Pharmacy

David Field (2021-2022)
Associate Professor, Psychology

Kirsty Hodgson (2021-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

Eleanor Jackson (2022-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Biological Sciences

Martin Lester (2021-2023)
Lecturer, Computer Science

John McKeane (2022-2023)
Lecturer in French Studies, Literature and Languages

Joseph O’Mahoney (2021-2023)
Lecturer, Politics and International Relations

Gabriel Perez (2021-2022)
Postgraduate Researcher, Meteorology

Hannah Piekarz (2022-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy

Daisy Powell (2022-2023)
Associate Professor, Institute of Education

Sam Rawlings (2022-2023)
Associate Professor, Economics

Sophie Read (2021-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Agriculture, Policy and Development

Amy Richardson (2022-2023)
Senior Research Fellow, Archaeology

Julia Rodriguez-Garcia (2022-2023)
Lecturer in Food Science and Technology, Food and Nutritional Sciences

Shan Shen (2022-2023)
Technical Head of CINN Research Facility, Technical Services

Becks Spake (2022-2023)
Lecturer, Biological Sciences

Alanna Skuse (2021-2022)
Wellcome Trust Lecturer, English Literature

Remi Tailleux (2022-2023)
Associate Professor, Meteorology

Anna Tsakalaki (2022-2023)
Lecturer, Institute of Education

Tahlia-Rose Virdee (2021-2022)
Postgraduate Researcher, Law

Farah Wiita (2022-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

Brendan Williams (2021-2023)
Research Fellow, Psychology

Nathan Willis (2022-2023)
Postgraduate Researcher, Arts and Communication Design

Hong Yang (2021-2023)
Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Science