Forced migration, care & family relations research

Ruth Evans is leading a participatory pilot project on Forced Migration, Care and Family Relations in the South East of England, funded by the University of Reading. Working in partnership with refugee and Black and Minority Ethnic community groups, we are facilitating participatory art workshops with adults and young people of refugee, asylum-seeking and undocumented backgrounds, some of whom are living with chronic illness, have care needs and/or have experienced bereavement in recent years. We are also conducting interviews with refugee families with chronic or life-limiting illness or disability and professionals supporting them.



Body mapping workshop

Ruth shared her initial findings and  exhibited the bodymapping and digital language portraits at a workshop on Migration, Care, Language & Identity: Multidisciplinary Perspectives at the University of Reading on 3 November 2016.  Click here for presenters’ slides and more information about the programme.

Ruth has also shared the findings and young refugees’ digital language self-portraits with practitioners at the Implementing Change for Hidden Young Carers Conference, organised by the Children’s Society Include Project (February 2017) in collaboration with the Participation Lab and at the Equalities Alliance Conference on Identity, organised by the Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality (ACRE), Reading (March 2017).

Young Refugees’ Digital Language Self-Portraits, exhibited at the ACRE Equalities Alliance Conference, RISC, Reading (30 March 2017).

Ruth also shared her findings with NHS and young carers practitioners at the Symposium on Young Carers in Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Families (April 2017), organised by the Children’s Society Include Project and funded by NHS England.

Please contact Ruth Evans for more information: or follow me on twitter: @DrRuth_Evans

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