Our blogpost series provides an opportunity to share experiences and reflections on doing participatory action research, community development work, citizen science and engaging with young people, families and communities, whether locally, nationally or internationally. Commentaries on contemporary policy and practice issues and debates are also welcome.

Join in the discussion!

Researchers, statutory and third sector partners, academics, students and members of the Participation Lab are warmly invited to send us short think-pieces about your experiences of community participation and participatory research in action, as well as commentaries on contemporary policy and practice issues and debates.

If you wish to contribute a blogpost to the series, please feel free to contact Ruth Evans informally about your ideas first.  Blogposts should be emailed to Ruth Evan ( in a word document in no more than  1000 words, if possible with 2-3 photos, figures or images attached, with captions for each image.

Feel free to join in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags, #ParticipationLab and #Think-Pieces.

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