Funding and Grants

Notable Grants and Funding

Many members of the Department have won prestigious personal funded fellowships and grants.

Dr Matthew Whiting was awarded a research grant from the British Academy. Facing Threats to Democracy Under Conditions of Emergency: Understanding Post-Failed Coup Turkey and its relations with Europe. 2018-2021.

Dr Matthew Whiting was awarded a research grant from the British Institute at Ankara. How Emergency Rule Became an Everyday Tool of Government in Turkey. 2020-2021.

Dr Sarah von Billerbeck was awarded the Building Outstanding Impact Grant, University of Reading, 2018-21

Dr Sarah von Billerbeck was awarded the ESRC Grant, ‘Democratisation and United Nations Peacebuilding’, 2018-present

Dr Georgina Holmes’ research into how African female uniformed personnel are integrated into UN peace operations, funded by the Leverhulme Trust

Dr Sarah von Billerbeck’s ESRC Future Research Leaders on ‘Self-Legitimation by International Organizations’

Professor Daphne Halikiopoulou is working with Daniel Stockemer (University of Ottawa) on a survey funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Canada office). The survey, which will be fielded in the US, Canada and Germany, examines- and seeks to disentangle- the cultural, economic and security-related dimensions of anti-immigration attitudes.

Dr David Marshall is awarded a grant of £775,399.71 by UK Space Agency: International Partnership Programme. It is a ‘Satellite-enabled Data Services – Public Policy Course’. The project is led by Reading University’s ‘Institute for Environmental Analytics’ and is to provide online Teaching and Policy advice for governments across the Pacific. He is the lead for SPEIR and we will bring the policy knowledge, with the Institute providing the deep technical knowledge on the potential for satellite data services. There will be several colleagues involved, including Dr Stefania Lovo from Economics who has a background in applying big data within the developing world.

Dr Alice Baderin was awarded the Independent Social Research Foundation Early Career Research Fellowship, 2019/20. Awarded for a project on ‘Anticipatory Injustice’

Dr Sarah von Billerbeck was awarded the SSHRCC Partnership Development Grant, ‘Peacebuilding and Local Knowledge Network’, 2020-present

Dr Martin Binder was awarded the 2020 Research Fellowship, University of Reading

Professor Daphne Halikiopoulou received a University of Reading Research Fellowship: The aim of this project is to examine far right populism on a global scale. Specifically, it aims at identifying different patterns of nationalist narratives and how they appeal to different social groups in different countries. It does so by comparing far right populist parties with varied success in Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Brazil.

Dr Alice Baderin was awarded the University of Reading Research Endowment Trust Fund, Open Call Research Grant, 2019. Awarded for an interdisciplinary project ‘Equality: Distributive and Relational’ (joint work with Lucy Barnes, Political Science, UCL, and Lindsay Richards, Sociology, University of Oxford)

Dr Sarah von Billerbeck was awarded the ESRC Future Research Leaders Grant, ‘Self-Legitimation by International Organisations’, 2016-19

Dr Georgina Holmes was awarded the Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellowship, 2016-2019

Dr Sarah von Billerbeck was awarded the Folke Bernadotte Academy Grant, ‘Senior Leadership Performance Management in International Organisations’, 2018

Dr Georgina Holmes was awarded The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF): Pump Priming Grant (2017-2018)

Professor Daphne Halikiopoulou was awarded the Hellenic Observatory/ National Bank of Greece funded project entitled: ‘Radicalising the Mainstream? The Rise of the Golden Dawn and its Impact on Greek Party Politics’ (with Kyriaki Nanou, University of Nottingham, and Sofia Vasilopoulou, University of York). The project, which is part of the broader Comparative Agendas Project (CAP), examines the extreme right Golden Dawn and its impact on the dynamics of party competition in Greece.

Dr Georgina Holmes was awarded the British Academy Small Research Grant, 2014-2015

Dr Christoph Arndt was awarded a Postdoc Grant for project ‘The Micro Foundation of Issue Voting and Issue Competition’, DKK 1,198642, granted by The Danish Council for Independent Research, 2011-2014

Dr Christoph Arndt was awarded a Publication Grant for ‘The Electoral Consequences of Welfare State Reforms’, published at Amsterdam University Press, DKK 12,200, granted by Aarhus University Research Foundation