Over the next few years we will be conducting targeted excavations within our case study castles, as well as participating in excavations in related projects, collaborating with colleagues at the University of Granada. If you are interested in participating then please get in touch with either Guillermo García-Contreras Ruiz or Aleks Pluskowski.

We will also be taking cores from lakes and peat deposits, as well as excavating landscape features such as terraces and irrigation systems. If you’re interested in this aspect of environmental archaeology please get in touch with Rowena Banerjea.

There are also opportunities to pursue doctoral studies relating to our project at one of the participating institutions. We do not have any directly funded places, but for those interested in studying at the University of Granada, please see here and for those in the UK, there are AHRC Doctoral Training Partnerships available at the University of Reading and the University of York.

Molina de Aragón

Landscape Archaeology at Molina de Aragón

The frontier at Zafra


Environmental work at Agicampe (Rural Nasrid Kingdom Project, directed by Alberto García Porras and Adela Fábregas)