CeLM Seminars

London Road, Building L022, Room 103 London Road Campus, Reading

Forum - Language teaching and learning Discussions on issues related to language teaching and learning with the aim to bring together language practitioners at ISLI and CeLM members who do...Read More >

CeLM Seminars: developmental disorders

Chancellor's Building, Room G04 Whiteknights Campus

'Can people with developmental disorders function successfully as bilinguals?' Napoleon Katsos, University of Cambridge

History Department Seminar Series

Edith Morley, Room 126 Edith Morley, Whiteknights House, Reading

‘Never the same again? Feminism, women and the miners’ strike’ Natalie Thomlinson (Reading)

Participatory Research Using Creative Methods

Chancellor's Building, Room G01 University of Reading, Shinfield Rd, Whiteknights Rd, Reading

Diaspora Woman, Community Centre Pueblito Paisa, the UK and Ireland Hub in support of the Colombian Truth Commission, the University of Reading. Participatory Research Using Creative Methods Historically an invisible...Read More >