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Research Funding Opportunities

The following table lists research funding opportunities relevant to the University of Reading. This list is maintained by Research Services (RES) and includes schemes that form part of the Newton Fund, GCRF, and the Industrial Strategy. Please note that some schemes require that applications are business-led.

For more details, please contact or visit the Finding Funding pages of the RES website (requires UoR log-in). Please note that Research Services also has a dedicated page for EU funding opportunities with updates on EU funding and policy developments, as well as an Annual Funding Calendar which gives details of annual and recurring calls and not open calls with no deadlines.

You may also be interested to search University UK’s Gateway to international opportunities, a regularly updated​ depository of funding opportunities for international research collaboration and knowledge exchange, aimed at UK-based researchers/institutions.

Last updated on Friday 26th November 2021.

Lead FunderCo-Funder(s)Industrial Strategy/GCRF/Newton?CallInternal deadlineExternal deadlineNotes
MRCAHRC, ESRCAdvancing adolescent mental health and wellbeing research2021-11-242021-12-01
Diabetes UKEarly-career small grants2021-11-242021-12-01
Innovate UKKnowledge transfer partnerships (KTP): 2021 to 2022, round 42021-11-242021-12-01
ESRCLinked education and assessment systems data research fellowship2021-11-242021-12-01
EPSRCSupport the development of research software engineering2021-11-252021-12-02
MRCEnhance living and post-mortem human nervous tissue resources2021-11-252021-12-02
AHRCAHRC-RLUK Professional Practice Fellowship Scheme for academic and research libraries2021-11-262021-12-03
Diabetes UKProject Grants2021-11-262021-12-03
STFCInnovations Partnership Scheme (IPS)2021-11-282021-12-05
NIHR21/545 Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme researcher-led2021-11-302021-12-07
British AcademyJSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Overseas Researchers 20222021-12-012021-12-08
Innovate UKEPSRCISCF digital security by design - software ecosystem development2021-12-012021-12-08
NERCSite survey investigations for scientific ocean drilling2021-12-072021-12-14
EPSRCAll UKRIBuild a Network to Promote Academic Engagement with Catapults2021-12-072021-12-14
AHRCCall for Proposals for AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships2021-12-082021-12-15
EPSRCAccess to High Performance Computing2021-12-082021-12-15
EPSRCDigital economy telling tales of engagement competition2021-12-092021-12-16forecast
BBSRCResearching zoonotic pathogen emergence, detection and protection2021-12-092021-12-16
EPSRCEngage the public with impacts of digital economy research 20212021-12-142021-12-21
EPSRCMathematical Sciences Small Grant Scheme2021-12-252022-01-01
AHRCInform policies for culture, heritage and the creative industries2021-12-302022-01-06
MRCBBSRC, EPSRC, Innovate UKEarly ideads to improve the delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics2021-12-302022-01-06
NERCESRCImprove Understanding of the Economics of Biodiversity2021-12-312022-01-07
MRCMolecular and cellular medicine research: Jan 20222022-01-042022-01-11
MRCMolecular and cellular medicine new investigator: Jan 20222022-01-042022-01-11
EPSRCBusiness and academia prosperity partnership2022-01-042022-01-11
MRCProgramme grants – infections and immunity2022-01-052022-01-12
MRCInfections and Immunity New Investigator grant2022-01-052022-01-12
MRCInfections and Immunity partnership2022-01-052022-01-12
MRCInfections and Immunity Research2022-01-052022-01-12
MRCPopulation and systems medicine programme2022-01-062022-01-13
MRCPopulation and systems medicine research2022-01-062022-01-13
MRCPopulation and systems medicine New Investigator grant2022-01-062022-01-13
MRCPopulation and systems medicine partnership2022-01-062022-01-13
STFCLead public engagement with science, technology and engineering2022-01-062022-01-13
NERCAHRC, ESRCResearch solutions for UK treescape expansion and resilience2022-01-072022-01-14
NERCNERC Standard and New Investigator grant2022-01-112022-01-18
Royal Comission for the Exhibition of 1851Research Fellowships2022-01-122022-01-19
NERCEnhance the impact of environmental sciences research2022-01-132022-01-20
MRCPublic health intervention development (PHIND) scheme2022-01-182022-01-25
EPSRCHigh risk speculative research ideas in engineering and ICT2022-01-182022-01-25
MRCNeurosciences and mental health New Investigator grant2022-01-192022-01-26
MRCNeurosciences and mental health partnership2022-01-192022-01-26
MRCNeurosciences and mental health research2022-01-192022-01-26
MRCNeurosciences and mental health programme2022-01-192022-01-26
British AcademyBritish Academy Conferences2022-01-192022-01-26
STFCEngage the public with STFC's science, technology and facilities2022-02-202022-02-27
Leverhulme Trust1. Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship 2022-02-172022-02-24There is an internal selection process for this scheme. HoS are asked to propose candidates by 1st Dec 2021
AHRCEngage the public with research about the BBC2022-01-252022-02-01
EPSRCBuild a network to enable resilient solutions for future UK systems2022-01-252022-02-01Pre-announcement
AHRCCollaborate with German partners on arts and humanities research2022-02-152022-02-22