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Research Funding Opportunities

The following table lists research funding opportunities relevant to colleagues at the University of Reading and is maintained by Research Services (RES). Please note that some schemes require that applications are business-led. For more details, please contact or visit the Finding Funding pages of the RES website (requires UoR log-in).

Please note that Research Services also has a dedicated page for EU funding opportunities with updates on EU funding and policy developments, as well as an Annual Funding Calendar which gives details of annual and recurring calls and not open calls with no deadlines.

You may also be interested to search University UK’s Gateway to international opportunities, a regularly updated​ depository of funding opportunities for international research collaboration and knowledge exchange, aimed at UK-based researchers/institutions.

For the interest of colleagues who are developing research grant proposals, RES also maintains a Successful Proposal Library, containing examples of past applications.

Last updated on Monday 11/09/2023.

Lead FunderCo-Funder(s)Industrial Strategy/GCRF/Newton?CallInternal deadlineExternal deadlineNotes
Lister Institute 2024 Lister Institute Research Prizes 13/09/202320/09/2023
NERCEngaged Environmental Science13/09/202320/09/2023
AHRCInternational consortia for humanities-led research on crisis14/09/202321/09/2023Outline
ESRCResponsive mode: Secondary data analysis Round 121/09/202328/09/2023
Royal SocietyIndustry Fellowship21/09/202328/09/2023
NERC, EPSRC, ESRC, AHRCMinistry of Earth Sciences, IndiaUnderstanding geohazard processes and their impacts across India26/09/202303/10/2023
British AcademyPostdoctoral Fellowships27/09/202304/10/2023
BBSRCTransformative Research Technologies28/09/202305/10/2023
The Wellcome TrustWellcome Early-Career Awards28/09/202305/10/2023
ESRCSmart Data Research UK Data Service: Indications of Interest03/10/202310/10/2023
British AcademyInnovation Fellowships - Route A: Researchl-Lead04/10/202311/10/2023
ESRCPolicy Talent Accelerator Network Plus05/10/202312/10/2023
UKRIBehavioural Science for Security and Defence Network Plus05/10/202312/10/2023
ESRCNIHR, Alzheimers SocietyDementia Network Plus05/10/202312/10/2023
NERCIntegrating Finance and Biodiversity for a nature positive future17/10/202324/10/2023
ESRCEvaluating the benefits, costs and utility of synthetic data19/10/202326/10/2023
UKRICreating Opportunities Evaluation Development Fund24/10/202331/10/2023
UKRICreating Opportunities Trial Accelerator Fund24/10/202331/10/2023
BBSRC, STFCBBSRC-STFC Facility Access Funding24/10/202331/10/2023Opening date 18/09/2023. A webinar will be held - date TBC.
STFCExpression of interest: astronomy large awards24/10/202331/10/2023
British AcademyInnovation Fellowships Scheme Route B: Policy-Led25/10/202301/11/2023
British AcademyGlobal Innovation Fellowships: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace25/10/202301/11/2023
British AcademyGlobal Professorship25/10/202301/11/2023Internal process in place. See Theme mailing lists
NERC, BBSRC Innovation in environmental monitoring31/10/202307/11/2023
NIHRResearch for Patient Benefit (RfPB)01/11/202308/11/2023Stage 2 expected submission March 2024
MRCDevelopmental pathway funding scheme: stage one01/11/202308/11/2023
NERC NERC Independent Research Fellowship 202301/11/202308/11/2023
EU (F6S)Foodity01/11/202308/11/2023Requires a SME/start up to lead
EPSRCDiscovering the next generation of renewable energy technologies02/11/202309/11/2023
British AcademyBA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants08/11/202315/11/2023
Azrieli Fellows ProgrammeAzrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship in Israel08/11/202315/11/2023
MRCFunding for early stage development of new healthcare interventions08/11/202315/11/2023
UKRIDefra, NSF, NIH, USDA, BSF, NSFCUK-US partnerships: ecology and evolution of infectious diseases08/11/202315/11/2023Must collaborate with a US partner
British AcademySenior Research Fellowship08/11/202315/11/2023
The Wellcome TrustWellcome Career Development Awards09/11/202316/11/2023
MRCClinical Academic Research Partnerships09/11/202316/11/2023
NERCLarge grant to tackle big environmental science questions09/11/202316/11/2023
MRCResearch and partnership hubs for health technologies: full stage16/11/202323/11/2023
BBSRCFlexible talent mobility accounts21/11/202328/11/2023
NERC, Innovate UK, AHRC, BBSRC, ESRC, EPSRC, MRC, STFCAccelerating the Green Economy Centres05/12/202312/12/2023
The Wellcome TrustWellcome Discovery Awards09/04/202416/04/2024
UKRIModelling UK Supply Chains as complex systems for resiliencePre-announcement
ESRCAHRC, NERC, DEFRAResilient UK Coastal Communities and Seas Network PlusPre-announcement
ESRCESRC Policy Talent Accelerator Network PlusPre-announcement
Innovate UKDevelop interdisciplinary research proposals to tackle epidemic threatsPre-announcement
AHRCCentre for Law and Social JusticePre-announcementOpening September 2023