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Research Funding Opportunities

The following table lists research funding opportunities relevant to colleagues at the University of Reading and is maintained by Research Services (RES). Please note that some schemes require that applications are business-led. For more details, please contact or visit the Finding Funding pages of the RES website (requires UoR log-in).

Please note that Research Services also has a dedicated page for EU funding opportunities with updates on EU funding and policy developments, as well as an Annual Funding Calendar which gives details of annual and recurring calls and not open calls with no deadlines.

You may also be interested to search University UK’s Gateway to international opportunities, a regularly updated​ depository of funding opportunities for international research collaboration and knowledge exchange, aimed at UK-based researchers/institutions.

For the interest of colleagues who are developing research grant proposals, RES also maintains a Successful Proposal Library, containing examples of past applications.

Last updated on Tuesday 27th February 2024.

Lead FunderCo-Funder(s)Suitable for Early Career Researchers?CallInternal deadlineExternal deadlineNotes
BBSRCInnovate UKAlternative Proteins Innovation and Knowledge Centre21/02/202428/02/2024
British AcademyInnovation Fellowships Scheme Route B Policy Led (Local Policy Innovation Partnership)21/02/202428/02/2024
EPSRCNetwork to Drive Digital Sustainability and a Circular Economy22/02/202429/02/2024
Royal Academy of EngineeringIndustrial Fellowships22/02/202429/02/2024
Academy of Medical SciencesYesStarter Grants for Clinical Lecturers26/02/202404/03/2024
Royal SocietyInternational Exchanges28/02/202406/03/2024
Royal SocietyYesJSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship28/02/202406/03/2024
NIHRResearch for Patient Benefit - Competition 5328/02/202406/03/2024
NERClarge grant outlines: March 202421/02/202407/03/2024
Nuffield FoundationResearch, Development and Analysis Fund04/03/202411/03/2024
AHRCESRCYesInternational Fellowships for Doctoral and Early Career Researchers05/03/202412/03/2024
MRCFunding for early stage development of new healthcare interventions06/03/202413/03/2024
Royal SocietyYesNewton International Fellowships06/03/202413/03/2024
British AcademyYesInternational Fellowships06/03/202413/03/2024
Royal Academy of EngineeringResearch Chairs and Senior Research Fellowships07/03/202414/03/2024
Royal SocietyWolfson Fellowship13/03/202420/03/2024
MRCDevelopmental pathway funding scheme: stage one13/03/202420/03/2024Can also apply in July and November
EPSRCPlace Based Impact Acceleration Account: Round 214/03/202421/03/2024
Royal SocietyYesResearch grants20/03/202427/03/2024
Daiwa FoundationYesDaiwa Foundation Small Grants23/03/202431/03/2024
Daiwa FoundationYesDaiwa Foundation Awards23/02/202431/03/2024
MRCSenior clinical fellowship25/03/202403/04/2024
MRCYesClinical scientist fellowship25/03/202403/04/2024
MRCYesPredoctoral clinical research training fellowship25/03/202403/04/2024
Cure Parkinson’sResearch Grant Funding Programme01/04/202408/04/2024
NERCDoctoral Focal Awards in the Environmental Sciences02/04/202409/04/2024
British AcademyYesODA Challenge-Oriented Research Grants03/04/202410/04/2024
EPSRCYesQuantum Technologies Career Acceleration Fellowships03/04/202410/04/2024
Innovate UKKnowledge transfer partnership (KTP): 2024 to 2025 round 127/03/202410/04/2024
The Wellcome TrustWellcome Career Development Awards04/04/202411/04/2024
MRCSAMRCSouth Africa-UK health research collaboration: non-communicable diseases05/04/202412/04/2024
MRCSAMRCSouth Africa-UK health research collaboration: mutlimorbidity of infectious diseases and NCDs08/04/202415/04/2024
ESRCTransforming data collections infrastructure for social science09/04/202416/04/2024
The Wellcome TrustWellcome Discovery Awards09/04/202416/04/2024
NERC, Innovate UK, AHRC, BBSRC, ESRC, EPSRC, MRC, STFCNet zero digital research infrastructure coordinator and network02/04/202416/04/2024
MRCExperimental Medicine stage one11/04/202417/04/2024
MRCSenior Non-clinical Fellowship11/04/202417/04/2024
MRCSAMRCSouth Africa-UK health research collaboration: climate and health, one health and zoonosis11/04/202417/04/2024
Royal Academy of EngineeringYesUK Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowships16/04/202423/04/2024
BBSRCStandard Research Grant: 2024 round 2 - responsive mode12/04/202424/04/2024
MRCAfrican Research Leaders17/04/202424/04/2024
NERCFAPESP, NSTCEnvironmental Sciences: Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund 202418/04/202425/04/2024
Japan Society for the Promotion of ScienceYesStandard Program Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan19/04/202426/04/2024
NERC, AHRCCONFAP, CNPq, BAYLAT, SNSFAmazon 10 Initiative: Research Expeditions to the Amazon23/04/202430/04/2024
BBSRCNERCDoctoral Landscape Award 202423/04/202430/04/2024
ESRCADR UK Research Fellowships23/04/202430/04/2024Max award: £200,000
MRCUKRI-Southeast Asia collaboration on infectious disease23/04/202430/04/2024Max award: £1,000,000
AHRCYesAHRC responsive mode: Catalyst Award: round three23/04/202430/04/2024
NIHRHealth Technology Assessment Programme24/04/202401/05/2024
BBSRCYesFellowships Scheme25/04/202402/05/2024
The Leverhulme TrustVisiting Professorships25/04/202402/05/2024
BBSRCYes2024 BBSRC Fellowships Scheme25/04/202402/05/2024
STFCSTFC Leadership Fellowships in Public Engagement 202430/04/202407/05/2024
Royal SocietyResearch Professorship01/05/202408/05/2024
Innovate UK, BBSRCDiet and health innovation: early stage feasibility projects01/05/202408/05/2024
The Leverhulme TrustMajor Research Fellowships03/05/202410/05/2024
Human Frontier Science ProgramYesPostdoctoral Fellowships07/05/202414/05/2024
MRCNIHR, GACDGACD: management of multiple long-term conditions01/05/202415/05/2024
ESRCYesESRC postdoctoral fellowships08/05/202416/05/2024Applicants must have less than 12 months' post-doctoral experience
EPSRCAccelerating research outcomes to deliver a prosperous net zero09/05/202416/05/2024Opening date: 21/03/2024. Webinar 25/03/2024 1:00pm.
The Leverhulme TrustYesPhilip Leverhulme Prizes09/05/202416/05/2024
EPSRCTransforming prediction and early diagnosis in the community22/05/202429/05/2024
British Academy/The Leverhulme TrustYesSmall Research Grants29/04/202405/06/2024
MRCNIHRUnderstanding public involvement in non clinical research05/06/202412/06/2024Opening date: 17/04/2024
British Heart FoundationTranslational awards12/06/202419/06/2024
ESRC, AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, NERC, STFCPre-announcement: UKRI Metascience research grantsTBCTBC