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Research Funding Opportunities

The following table lists research funding opportunities relevant to the University of Reading.  This list is maintained by Research and Enterprise Services (RES).  The list includes schemes that form part of the Newton Fund, GCRF, and the Industrial Strategy.  Please note that some schemes require that applications are business-led.

Colleagues also may also be interested by the following UUK list of international funding opportunities:

For more details, please contact or visit the Finding Funding pages of the RES website (requires UoR log-in).  Please note that Research Services also has a dedicated page for EU funding opportunities.

Last updated on Friday 22nd January 2021.

Lead FunderCo-Funder(s)Industrial Strategy/GCRF/Newton?   Notes
NIHR20/115 Health and social care workforce2021-01-282021-02-04
UKRIJST, DOSTGCRFGCRF UKRI-JST-DOST research collaborations in south east Asia2021-02-032021-02-10
STFCPublic Engagement Legacy Awards2021-02-042021-02-11
EPSRCAsthma UK, British Lung Foundation PartnershipAsthma Health Technology2021-02-042021-02-11
STFCInnovations partnership scheme grants2021-02-112021-02-18
NERCNERC highlight topics2021-02-112021-02-18Notification of intent
AHRCAHRC infrastructure policy and engagement fellowships2021-02-122021-02-19
EPSRCCEII Call for Feasibility Study Proposals2021-02-152021-02-22
BBSRCDEFRAPre-announcement: Global coronavirus research and innovation network2021-02-162021-02-23
AHRCUK-German collaborative research projects in the humanities2021-02-172021-02-24
BBSRCAlgae UK NetworkProof of concept scheme2021-02-182021-02-25
BBSRCCarbon Recycling Network proof of concept call2021-02-212021-02-28
EPSRCAirguide photonics collaboration fund call for proposals.2021-02-212021-02-28
NERCLarge grants.2021-03-022021-03-09
The Royal SocietyInternational exchanges scheme – standard programme2021-03-032021-03-10
The Academy of Medical SciencesBritish Academy, Royal Society, Royal Academy of EngineeringGCRFGlobal Challenges Research Fund – networking grants2021-03-032021-03-10
The Royal SocietyBritish AcademyJapan Society for the Promotion of Science postdoctoral fellowship programme2021-03-032021-03-10
NERCGlobal partnerships seedcorn fund2021-03-052021-03-12
NERCCollaborative Antarctic science scheme2021-03-082021-03-15
AHRCPre-announcement: UK-Ireland collaboration in digital humanities2021-03-082021-03-15
UKRIInterventions to reduce antibiotic resistance or transmission2021-03-092021-03-16
The Royal SocietyRoyal Society Wolfson Fellowship2021-03-102021-03-17Round 1
The Royal SocietyThe Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme2021-03-102021-03-17
BBSRCSuper follow-on funding.2021-03-102021-03-17
AHRCUK-Ireland collaboration in digital humanities2021-03-112021-03-18
NERCNERC highlight topics2021-03-182021-03-25Final deadline
STFCAstronomy Research Grants2021-03-192021-03-26
ESRCADR UK linked justice and education data research fellowship2021-03-222021-03-29
Cancer Research UKEarly Detection Innovation Sandpit and Award2021-03-232021-03-30
British AcademyNayef Al-Rodhan prize for global cultural understanding2021-03-242021-03-31
MRCImproving health in low and middle income countries2021-04-072021-04-14
EPSRCMathematical Sciences Small Grant Scheme2021-12-252022-01-01