The entire back catalogue of the journal Imprints: Egalitarian Theory and Practice has been made freely available by Professor Catriona McKinnon, of the Department of Politics and International Relations, who was the journal’s editor for several years.

Imprints editors Steve Smith, Chris Bertram, Saladin Meckled-Garcia, Catriona McKinnon and Alan Carlin

Imprints is an academic journal that sought to promote a critical discussion of egalitarian and socialist ideas, freed from theoretical dogma. It was committed to the viability of an egalitarian and democratic politics, and open to the possibility of such politics at the international level.

Imprints takes it for granted that most societies in the world are characterised by class oppression, but that class division does not exhaust the unjust inequalities to which their peoples are subject.

New issues are no longer published, but the editorial board has decided to make all of its back issues available online for free. This includes the original research articles, reviews, and interviews which Imprints has published.

A distinguishing feature of the journal (which closed in 2010) is its interviews with the following important and influential thinkers:

  • Volume 1: G.A. Cohen, Jean Hampton, Philippe Van Parijs.
  • Volume 2: Thomas McCarthy, Erik Olin Wright, Michael Rosen.
  • Volume 3: John Roemer, George Monbiot, Elliot Sober.
  • Volume 4: Ruth Lister, Joshua Cohen, Nancy Fraser.
  • Volume 5: Frank Vandenbroucke, Bob Goodin, Thomas Pogge.
  • Volume 6: Alex Callinicos, Brian Barry, Norman Geras.
  • Volume 7: Michael Walzer, Susan Mendus, David Miller.
  • Volume 8: Martha Nussbaum, T.M. Scanlon, Joseph Raz.
  • Volume 9: Elizabeth Anderson, Frances Kamm, Michael Taylor.
  • Volume 10: Jo Wolff and Avner de-Shalit, Carole Pateman, Alan Carling and Chris Bertram.

Visit the Imprints journal website to access the journal.