Researchers at the University of Reading have had more funding success with awards from research councils and learned societies.

Colin McKinnon (Institute for Environmental Analysis) received a research grant from Innovate UK for Phase 2 of SBRI: Climate and Environmental Risk Analytics for Resilient Finance.

David Humphries (Animal Sciences) received a research contract from the Zero Emissions Livestock Project for the reduction of methane emission in dairy cows using the ZELP system.

Tristan Quaife (Meteorology) received a NERC research grant for Ghosts from summers past: quantifying the role of vegetation legacy to climatic extremes.

Thorwald Stein (Meteorology) received a NERC research grant for Convective Cloud Dynamics and Turbulence Interactions with Microphysical Processes and the Atmospheric Environment (CLOUDY TIME).

Bob Plant (Meteorology) received a NERC research grant for Putting the morph into CoMorph: Adapting convection parametrisation for the hard grey zone.