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CeLM Seminar Series

‘Fine-grained patterns of language use contribute to variance in bilingual language processing.’ Joanna John, University of Reading 3-4.15pm ‘Effect of socio-economic status on cognitive control in non-literate bilingual speakers.’ Dr…Read More >

CeLM Seminars: deaf children

‘How do you read a language you can’t hear? Insights into literacy from children who are deaf.’ Mairead McSweeney, University College London

CeLM Seminars

Forum – Language teaching and learning Discussions on issues related to language teaching and learning with the aim to bring together language practitioners at ISLI and CeLM members who do…Read More >

CeLM Seminar Series

Development of a vocabulary screener for young children speaking multiple languages  by Dr Claudine Bowyer-Crane, Dept of Education, University of York   The number of children in UK primary schools…Read More >

CeLM Seminar Series

“Bilingual reference production: A multifactorial approach.” Jacopo Torregrossa, University of Hamburg

CeLM Seminar Series

“Intergenerational language attrition and loss in bilingual families in Europe: A threat to Harmonious Bilingual Development.” Annick De Houwer, University of Erfurt