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Multilingualism and Social Justice

Join the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism (CeLM) on International Mother Language Day (21st February) for their online public lecture “Multilingualism and Social Justice”. Leading academics from across disciplines from…Read More >

Being multilingual: Perspectives from health

CeLM Showcase: Health, 14 July, 6-7pm BST Being multilingual: Perspectives from language, education, health, neuroscience, migration Do multilinguals think about space and time differently in their languages? What is the…Read More >

Languages in Lockdown

Over the last year, measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have affected our lives in unprecedented ways. One notable change has been the amount of time children have spent at…Read More >

Why Language and Migration?

An event organised by the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism Polarisation over migration continues to divide the world. Currently, the 27 countries of the EU are fiercely contesting a new…Read More >