Stop spreading resistance
Do you have resistant rats? Send us your dead rats' tails for free resistance testing.



The world is seeing a rapid rise in the occurrence of resistant rats and mice (what some have coined “super rodents”), especially in the UK where we have 9 known rat resistant mutations and 2 mouse resistant strains. Using an ineffective anticoagulant product could result in poor control when used against a resistant population AND risks selecting for and spreading the most highly resistant rodents!

Pest control operators are using the mapping tool to find resistance mutations in their area and to get guidance on which rodenticides will be most effective.

How can you help spread awareness?

Ask us to send you our postcards and leaflets so that you can distribute them to your contacts and members by emailing OR download them here:

Resistance postcard (PDF) | Resistance Protocol (PDF)



Please contact Clare Jones ( BEFORE you collect your tails. We can tell you if you’re already near an existing data point and give advice.

Please post your tails on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure they get to us during the working week.