Stop spreading resistance
Do you have resistant rats? Send us your dead rats' tails for free resistance testing.



The world is seeing a rapid rise in the occurrence of resistant rats and mice (what some have coined “super rodents”), especially in the UK where we have 9 known rat resistant mutations and 2 mouse resistant strains. Using an ineffective anticoagulant product could result in poor control when used against a resistant population AND risks selecting for and spreading the most highly resistant rodents!


The most reliable way to do this is to have a sample of your rodent population genetically screened. We have developed a DNA screening technique that means we can identify resistant animals using a simple tissue sample (e.g. a tail cutting). In partnership with the Rodenticide Resistance Action Committee (RRAC), the Vertebrate Pests Unit (VPU) team at the University of Reading, UK are providing this genetic screening. The genetic information obtained from different rodent populations around the UK is being added to RRAC’s freely accessible interactive mapping tool.

Pest control operators are using the mapping tool to find resistance mutations in their area and to get guidance on which rodenticides will be most effective.

Having trouble controlling a rodent infestation? Want to save money AND protect the environment?

Get your tails tested for resistance FREE OF CHARGE! Find out how to send us your rat/mouse tails and learn more about the resistance screening process. Knowing if you have a resistance problem will allow you to pick the best products to use, saving money and time in controlling resistant populations. Using the most effective products will mean poisons are not used for an extended period of time to compensate for poor control, which reduces the risk of exposure to our environment. It is our duty to use anticoagulants responsibly and testing your tails could help you do this!

What is the Anticoagulant Resistance Project?

Find out more about this project and its aims and take a look at our Resistance MAPS.


How can you help spread awareness?

Ask us to send you our postcards, leaflets and seal-able plastic bags so that you can distribute them to your contacts and members by emailing OR download them here:

Resistance postcard (PDF) | Resistance Protocol (PDF)



Please contact Emily Coan ( BEFORE you collect your tails. We can tell you if you’re already near an existing data point and give advice.

CHRISTMAS BREAK: We will not be able to collect and freeze any tails sent to us between 21st December – 1st January 2018.