The Dwoskin Archive is housed at the University of Reading and contains a wealth of material relating to Dwoskin’s life and work, including working materials, correspondence, unpublished writing and photographs. Dr Rachel Garfield, head of the Art department at the University of Reading, compiled the archive, and it has been deposited at the University by generous consent of the Dwoskin family. A 3 year interdisciplinary AHRC project to preserve and promote the material in the archive, in partnership with the LUX and the BFI, has been awarded funding. The aim of the project is to ensure a new generation of filmmakers, artists, and researchers benefit from the legacies of Stephen Dwoskin and his extraordinary catalogue of work.

Academic Institutions and Academics:

University of Reading – Dr Rachel Garfield, Art (PI); Alison Butler (Co-I), FTT; Dr Henry K Miller (PDRA)


Queen Mary University of London – Dr Jenny Chamarette (Co-I), Film


University of Glasgow – Dr Yunhyong Kim (Co-I), Information Studies


University of Sheffield – Dr Frank Hopfgartner (CO-I), Data Science



Partner Institutions:








Arts and Humanities Research Council





CFAC members involved:
Dr Rachel Garfield (PI)
Ms Alison Butler (Co-I)

See the full Dwoskin research project page here.