Final project report

Wong, B., Copsey-Blake, M., & ElMorally, R. (2021). The Student Experiences in STEM report: Minority ethnic students in higher education. Reading: University of Reading. [Download here]

Peer-reviewed papers

ElMorally, R., Wong, B., & Copsey-Blake, M. (2022). Is STEM in Higher Education Sexist and Racist? All Surface, No Substance. Equity in Education & Society, 1(2), 216-236

Wong, B., Copsey-Blake, M., & ElMorally, R. (2022). Silent or silenced? Minority ethnic students and the battle against racism. Cambridge Journal of Education, 52(5), 651-666

Wong, B., ElMorally, R., & Copsey-Blake, M. (2021). ‘Fair and square’: What do students think about the ethnicity degree awarding gap? Journal of Further and Higher Education, 45(8), 1147-1167

Wong, B., ElMorally, R., Copsey-Blake, M., Highwood, E., & Singarayer, J. (2021). Is race still relevant? Student perceptions and experiences of racism in higher education. Cambridge Journal of Education, 51(3), 359-375 

UROP Case-study with STEM staff report (2019)

Kawas, L., & Wong, B. (2019). Race, ethnicity and diversity: The challenges and opportunities for lecturers in STEM. Reading: University of Reading. Download our SESTEM UROP report here. (For Layan’s poster, download here)

UROP Illustrations of SESTEM project outcomes (2021)

Parr, V. (2021). SESTEM report – The 12 recommendations. Download here.

Other illustrations from Victoria are available here.


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Case study as part of EngineeringUK 2020 annual report.