Project Design

The SESTEM study aimed to work with 30 STEM undergraduates for each of the 3 years of the project. Students include first, second and third year students (UG1, UG2 and UG3) and where appropriate, these students would be involved for one, two or three years of the project.

Table 1: Student participants by Parts and Year of the project (original aim)

UG1 UG2 UG3 Total
Year 1 of project 10* 10^ 10 30
Year 2 of project 10″ 10* 10^ 30
Year 3 of project 10 10″ 10* 30
Total 30 30 30 90 interviews

*, ^, ” – denotes the same cohort.

We asked students to submit a short reflection each term, as well as taking part in an interview and a discussion workshop about their university experiences.