SWSBC2020 Programme – FINAL

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SWSBC2020 oral sessions



Day 1: Monday 20.07.20


Session 1 – CryoEM of molecular machines and assemblies

Hosted by Exeter (Vicki Gold, Bertram Daum and Simone de Rose)

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08:45-09:00        Welcome


09:00-09:10        Patricia Gil Diez* – Structure of a eukaryotic hibernating ribosome dimer from the fungal parasite Spraguea lophii.

09:15-09:25        Alexander Neuhaus – Cryo-electron microscopy reveals two distinct type IV pili assembled by the same bacterium

09:30-09:40        Lavinia Gambelli – Architecture and modular assembly of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius S-layer revealed by electron cryomicroscopy

09:45-09:55        Kapil Gupta* – Unexpected free fatty acid binding pocket in SARS-CoV-2 spike: path to new antivirals?

10:00-10:10        Kaïn van den Elsen – The Structural Basis of the Flavivirus Replication Process

10:15-10:25        Nik Harmer – A Micro-ED facility for SWSBC

10:30-10:45        Ufuk Borucu – The GW4 Regional Facility for High-Resolution cryoEM



Session 2 – Enzymes 1

Hosted by Bristol (Jim Spencer and Leo Brady)

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11:00-11:20        Greg Pollard – Lysyl oxidase: self-healing with biocatalysts

11:30-11:40        Rachel Bolton – Data Collection Strategies for the Radiation Sensitive, Ferric Iron Binding Protein, FutA

11:45-11:55        Charlie Collingham – The Link between Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Bile Acids and Neurodegenerative Disease

12:00-12:10        Simone Antonio De Rose* – HotSolute: Thermus thermophilus as a Whole Cell Factory for the Production of Extremolytes

12:15-12:25        Geoffrey Masuyer – Crystal Structure of Exotoxin A from Aeromonas Pathogenic Species

12:30-12:45        General Q&A




13:00-13:30        Setting up CCP4 on your computer



14:00-15:00        Alan Cheung – Structure and function of chromatin modifying complexes SAGA and NuA4

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Session 3 – Protein interactions and disease

Hosted by Cardiff (Dafydd Jones)

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15:15-15:25        Hayden Fisher – Hinge region disulfide patterns dictate activity in human IgG2 antibodies through conformational restriction

15:30-15:40        Rhys Dunphy* – Elucidating the N-terminal strand swapping mechanism exhibited by C3d dimers in the presence of a Staphylococcus aureus immune evasion protein

15:45-15:55        Rory Munroe* – What is the role of S100A9 in the onset of neurodegenerative disease?

16:00-16:10        Alessandro Agnarelli* – Analysing IRF4 interactions to ISRE motifs in Multiple Myeloma

16:15-16:40        Daren Fearon – Crystallographic fragment screening of the SARS-CoV-2 main protease and crowdsourcing the development of antiviral drugs




Hosted by Southampton (Phil Williamson and Ivo Tews)


18:00-18:05        Brief introduction to online posters

18:00-20:00        Visit the poster inn MS teams, just select the channel with the poster you are interested in, watch the clip, and ask the presenter questions

18:30-19:30        Poster pitches, 2.5 mins each





Hosted by Reading (Charlie Collingham & many others, Kim Watson)

20:00-???            Main event and breakout rooms



Day 2: Tuesday 21.07.20



09:00-11:45        MR, Phasing, Refinement (Ed Lowe & Stuart McNicholas)




09:30-11:30        Introduction, Assignments and Titrations (Vicky Higman)




12:00-13:00        Allen Orville – Time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography of the early intermediates in the isopenicillin N synthase reaction with ACV and O2

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Session 4 – Biotechnology

Hosted by Portsmouth (John Mc Geehan)

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13:15-13:25        Erik Landin – The Aminotriazole Antagonist Cmpd-1 Stabilises a Distinct Inactive State of the Adenosine 2A Receptor (1)

13:30-13:40        Alexander J Lander – Total Chemical Synthesis and Racemic Protein Crystallography of Bacteriocins (2)

13:45-13:55        Sam Robson – Sequencing and Tracking of Phylogeny in COVID-19: A Genomic Epidemiological Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic (3)

14:00-14:10        Maria Concistrè – 1Strategies for 1H-detected dynamic nuclear polarization magic-angle spinning NMR (4)

14:15-14:25        Emiliana De Santis* – Peptide virus-like particles: from synthetic biologics to reference standards for advanced therapies (5)

14:30-15:00        General Q&A



Session 5 – Enzymes 2

Hosted by Bath (Susan Crennell)

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15:15-15:25        Charlotte Colenso – Simulation strategies for zinc metalloenzymes applied to metallo-β-lactamases

15:30-15:40        Daniel Mitchell* – A novel sensor for measuring femto-Newton forces in enzyme turnover and the importance of good crystallographic data

15:45-15:55        Paul James – A Novel ‘Split-gene’ transketolase from the hyper-thermophilic bacterium Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans: structure and biochemical characterisation

16:00-16:10        Éilís Bragginton – Insight into the structure and function of OXA-57; a class-D β-lactamase from Burkholderia pseudomallei


16:15-17:00        PRIZES & CLOSING (Kim Watson, John McGeehan)


* Also presents a poster