Meet our scientists

Here you can meet just a few of those involved in research at the University of Reading, from PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to lecturers.

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a postgraduate degree earned by carrying out independent research.Those doing them are called doctoral researchers, PhD students or postgraduate students.

A post-doctoral researcher is one who has a PhD but doesn’t teach, sometimes they’re called associates or fellows.

A lecturer is a permanent position that will involve a mix of teaching and research.

Post your cloud spotting pics

colour photograph of blue sky with white fluffy clouds

Cloud spotting guide

Three boxes with colour photos of each cloud type with tenth cloud type at right hand side

Flooding simulator

hand drawn coloured cartoon of blue river in brown river bed showing medium river level, rain cloud in blue sky with fork of lightning and rain falling from the cloud, and rain soaked soil

Floods in real life

colour photograph of helicopter being loaded with emergency supplies, helicopter background left, truck right foregroudn

Meet our scientists

Colour photo gollage, three researchers in boxes in a straight line

Let’s talk science

Climate stripe data visualisation series of blue na dred vertical stripes with more red to the right