Smart Cities and Big Data in the Built Environment

Principal InvestigatorTim Dixon (Lead Investigator), Martin Sexton Shu Ling Lu Jorn Van der Wetering (University of Reading)
Funding Status: RICS
Start and End Date: 2013-14

Brief Description:

This work was funded by RICS Research Trust and led by Tim Dixon. The interconnected agendas of smart cities, big data and open data, on the face of it, provide bold and exciting opportunities for built environment professionals. With a focus at the city level, this research examines the development of data platforms in the UK and internationally, and determines how professionals in the built environment can benefit from them.

The research identified four key barriers to the development of big data projects in the built environment:

  • A lack of consistency in the definitions and measurement of built environment big data.
  • A low level of built environment sector business engagement.
  • The lack of interoperability between different varieties of datasets.
    The present lack of a ‘bottom-up’, demand-focused approach to the smart cities agenda.


Publications and Outputs: