About us

Katherine Harloe is Director of the Institute of Classical Studies at University of London and Visiting Professor in the Classics Department at the University of Reading. Author of Winckelmann and the invention of antiquity: History and aesthetics in the age of Altertumswissenschaft (Oxford 2013), she is known internationally for her work on many aspects of Winckelmann and his reception, and is currently working on his love letters. She is also Joint Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of the Classical Tradition. Contact k.c.harloe@reading.ac.uk

Amy C. Smith, Professor of Classical Archaeology and Curator of the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, University of Reading, came to Winckelmann through her work on personifications and on museum collections and their display (see ‘Winckelmann, Greek Masterpieces, and Architectural Sculpture…’ in The Diversity of Classical Archaeology, published in 2017). Together with Fiona Gatty (Oxford) she has now published Under the Greek sky: New approaches to Winckelmann’s reception and historiography, a special section of vol. 25 of the Journal of Art Historiography. Contact a.c.smith@reading.ac.uk

Connell Greene earned his BA in Classical Studies at the University of Reading. He developed the Longing for what we have lost exhibit as part of a UROP placement, working with Profs Harloe and Smith in 2017.

Allan Hiscutt earned his PhD at the University of Reading in 2021. He came to Winckelmann through his doctoral research on the work and influence of John Henning, the Neoclassical artist who created miniature casts of the Parthenon and Bassae friezes. He co-curated the exhibition From Italy to Britain, on display in Reading in 2017.

Jayne Holly is the Assistant Curator at the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology. Having being introduced to the reception of Classical art in her undergraduate studies, she has continued her interest, especially in the context of how classical art was displayed and enjoyed in the past and how it still has a far reaching influence to museum visitors today. Contact jayne.holly@reading.ac.uk

Claudina Romero Mayorga is the Education Officer at the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology. Through her studies, culminating in a PhD in Archaeology at the University Complutense of Madrid, however, she developed a deep interest in Winckelmann and his influence in the reception of Classical art. For upcoming outreach events and queries about the website please contact her at c.romeromayorga@reading.ac.uk