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Chris Collins

Research interests

  • Soil pollution (including pesticides)
  • Spectral analysis of soils to determine soil health
  • Soils policy to build natural capital
  • Chemical exposure assessment

Chubamenla Jamir

Research Interests

Chubamenla Jamir’s research interest included Climate change adaptation, air pollution, agriculture and food security. She has been working on developing risk assessment tools for studying air pollution and climate change impacts on crop yield and socio-economic impacts, and food security


Grady Walker

Research interests

  • Visual methodologies
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Participatory action research
  • Rural communication
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Counter-hegemonic research practice

Hari Priya Vattikuti

Research interests

  • Carbon and nutrient budget of zero budget natural farming practices in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Soil changes in zbnf plots with jeevamrutham prepared from different animal breeds.
  • Plant growth promoting micro organisms testing in organic liquid formulations.

Jules Pretty

Research interests

  • Sustainable intensification of agriculture
  • Social capital in agricultural and food systems
  • Nature-based solutions to health and well-being
  • Climate crisis and the good life

Kamlesh Jangid

Research interests

  • Agricultural land management
  • Soil microbial community development
  • Microbial taxonomy and systematics

Kripal Singh

Research interests

  • Plant-Soil Ecology
  • Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems
  • Biodiversity & Ecosytem Functioning
  • Agricultural Diversification
  • Biomass to Bioenergy

Leigh Ann Winowiecki

Research interests

  • Employing a research in development approach for scaling landscape restoration and
    sustainable agriculture options
  • Co-developing and implementing farmer-centered approaches that are tailored to the biophysical, social, and economic contexts
  • Conducting spatially explicit, landscape-scale assessments of soil and land health
  • Developing robust, field-based soil organic carbon accounting methodologies, including the scaling of soil spectroscopy
  • Assessing land degradation dynamics and drivers to inform investments

Liz Shaw

Research interests

  • Microbial ecology and microbial C and N cycling functioning of soil and rhizosphere
  • Microbiology of organic pollutant and natural organic matter bioavailability and biodegradation
  • Plant-microbe and earthworm-microbe interactions
  • Microbial ecotoxicology of nanomaterials

Samanpreet K. Baweja

Research interests

  • Groundwater resource management by enhancing aquifer recharge
  • Assessment of impact of climate change on groundwater resources using crop and groundwater models
  • Satellite based groundwater monitoring