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Home directories

Unix home directories are provided for files related Unix-based teaching and research. We advise against using them for documents edited on Windows, however access from Windows is provided for convenience.  The default quota is 10 GB for all staff and students and it is automatically increased to 20 GB for staff and students in SMPCS departments.  In justified cases users can apply for quota increase in increments of 10 GB, up to 50 GB. We suggest that home directories are used for the source code, configuration files etc.; large data files should be stored on Research Data Storage.

Paid-for research data storage

Research projects and academic departments providing research data storage for their students can purchase research storage as specified on the Research Data Storage Service page.

Legacy data storage

There is a separate article with information regarding Department’s of Meteorology legacy storage volumes.

RACC scratch space

We are working on providing some scratch space available on Reading Academic Computing Cluster.


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