Many thanks to the University of Reading for this short film on ‘Nancy Astor’s Legacy’:

Uni of Reading on Twitter: “Nancy Astor was the first woman MP to take her seat in the House of Commons in 1919. But what has changed for women in politics in the 100+ years since? @UniRdg_History’s Dr Jacqui Turner discusses Astor’s legacy and the challenges female MPs still face now. #WomensHistoryMonth” / Twitter

To learn more about Nancy Astor please visit our web pages ‘Nancy Astor and Gendered Interwar Politics’

For further reading see Open Library of Humanities,  Special Collection: ‘Nancy Astor, Public Women and Gendered Political Culture in Interwar Britain’

You can find out more about accessing the Nancy Astor Papers at the University of Reading Special Collections  Astor, Nancy (politician) – Collections – Special Collections (

Dr Jacqui Turner’s profile at the University of Reading can be found here