Workshop 1 was held on March 26th 2019 at the Department of Archaeology, University of Reading. It was attended by the project members who are specialists in soil micromorphology: Rowena Banerjea, University of Reading, UK; Irène Béguier, Park of Morbihan Gulf, Brittany, France; Quentin Borderie, Département d’Eure-et-Loir, CNRS – UMR 7041 ArScAn”Archéologies Environnementales”, France; Hans Huisman, Researcher soil science and degradation, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands/ Special professor Geoarchaeology and Archaeometry, Groningen University, Institute for Archaeology (GIA), the Netherlands;  Cristiano Nicosia, Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali, Università di Padova, Italy.

We had a busy and productive meeting where we heard about each others’ castle sites, looked at micromorphological thin-sections, planned a publication and discussed how to digitally archive our thin-sections and photomicrographs so that it is available online and open access.

The publication that we are planning will focus on the application of geoarchaeology, specifically micromorphology, to understand the buried archaeology on castle sites. Watch this space!