Ure Routes


This blog has been developed by the Ure Museum's Research Officer, Dr Amara Thornton. Amara is a historian of archaeology and will be examining histories of archaeology and collections in the Ure. For her posts on this blog she will be drawing on the Ure Museum and University of Reading's history and archives, connecting these to wider themes and social, cultural, political and economic histories. The blog will also feature guest posts from other contributors exploring histories linked to the Ure Museum.


The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology is part of the Department of Classics at the University of Reading. It is open to the public Tuesday through Friday, 9 am – 4.30 pm (in term-time) and has a range of activities for schools and adults. For more information on opening times, directions, and activities please visit the Ure Museum's website. The Ure Museum's database has further information on the artefacts held in the Ure Museum. The Ure Museum's staff are Curator Professor Amy Smith, Assistant Curator Jayne Holly and Education Officer Dr Claudina Romero Mayorga. There is also a stellar team of volunteers.