Hidden Women Digital

This exhibition is a complement to the ‘Collectors, Curators and Cataloguers‘ workshop held on 12th June 2019. It highlights the histories of ten women who contributed to the Ure Museum in various ways. During their lifetime they held many roles, paid and unpaid.  The artefacts and archives were selected to represent the impact they made.

Click each link to see a short film, specially created for each of our ten women, with extracts from archives and descriptions of artefacts associated with them. You’ll discover key facts about the lives of our ten women, and we’ve included a photograph of a few of them.  Most entries include a short reference list with suggestions for further reading, to help you continue your journey!

1 Annie Dunman (Hunt) Ure (1893 – 1976)

2 Hilda (Urlin) Petrie (1871 – 1957)

3 Ellen (Exall) Barry (1866 – 1939)

4 Gertrude Louisa (Hill) Hurry (c 1860 – 1942)

5 Margaret Elizabeth “Meta” Williams (1859 – 1952)

6 Norah Christina Jolliffe (1900 – 1951)

7 Julia Katharine (Wickes) Steele (1871 – 1942)

8 Anne Mary Wickes (1868 – 1941)

9 Henrietta Lawes (c.1861 – 1947)

10 Nora (Kershaw) Chadwick (1891 – 1972)

The exhibition “Hidden Women in the Archive: Collectors, Curators, and Cataloguers” was co-curated by Dr Amara Thornton (Research Officer, Ure Museum) and Jayne Holly (Assistant Curator, Ure Museum). It features artefacts from the Ure Museum and the Department of Archaeology, and archives from the Ure Museum and the University of Reading Library. The text was written by Amara Thornton, with contributions from Jayne Holly and Professor Amy Smith (Curator, Ure Museum). The digital exhibition was put together by Angelli Badillo with amendments by Amara Thornton. The exhibition illustration is by Angelli Badillo.

The films featured were created by Laura Bennetto, featuring her photographs.

Special thanks to all of the people who contributed to the audio!