Data Assimilation for the REsilient City (DARE) was a research project and network funded by an EPSRC Senior Fellowship in Digital Technology for Living with Environmental Change. The project has now ended. This website will remain accessible for a while but is no longer being updated.


Data assimilation is an emerging mathematical technique for improving predictions from large and complex forecasting models, by combining uncertain model predictions with a diverse set of observational data in a dynamic feedback loop. The project will use advanced data assimilation to combine a range of advanced sensors with state-of-the-art computational models and produce a step-change in the skill of forecasts of urban natural hazards such as floods, snow, ice and heat stress. This video tells you more about the use of data assimilation for weather prediction.  For more information about the research programme click here.

The Fellowship is held by Prof Sarah L. Dance at the University of Reading and she is working together with a team of other researchers and stakeholders. The Fellowship will influence the future research agenda for how digital technologies can be applied in new and transformative ways to help the human and natural environment be more resilient and adaptable to climate change. In addition to an innovative research programme,  Prof Dance is acting as a Champion for this area, developing outreach activities to other researchers, policy makers and industry through workshops, networks and other mechanisms.