Workshop on data science for high impact weather and flood prediction

Workshop on data science for high impact weather and flood prediction

20-22 Nov 2017, University of Reading Greenlands Campus, Henley-on-Thames
Organisers: Sarah Dance, Jessica Gardner, Sanita Vetra-Carvalho, Joanne Waller

DARE Workshop participants

Workshop Objectives

The workshop objectives are to enable discussion and exchange of expertise at the boundary between digital technology, data science and environmental hazard modelling, including

  • Data assimilation and data science for flood forecasting and risk planning
  • Data assimilation and data science for high impact weather forecasting
  • Smart decision making using environmental data

Workshop Schedule

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Monday 20 November
1030 Registration (Tea/Coffee)
1100-1240 Session 1 (Chair: Sarah Dance)
1100 Sarah Dance Welcome and introduction
1120 Humphrey Lean Modelling urban weather
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1500 Session 2 (Chair: Joanne Waller)
1300 Simon Bell Low cost weather observations
1340 Katharine O’Boyle The Met Office WoW (Weather Observation Website)
1420 Luke Madaus Assimilating weather data from smartphones
1500 Coffee
1530 Speed networking
1615-1740 Session 3 (Chair: Gert-Jan Steeneveld)
1615 Amanda Anderson Vehicle based weather observations
1700 Tao Cheng Big data and natural hazards
1800 Drinks/Posters/Flash Flood!
1900 Dinner


Tues 21 November  
9.00-10.20 Session 4 (Chair: Humphrey Lean)
9.00 Joanne Waller Observation uncertainty and urban observations
9.40 Sytse Koopmans Using data assimilation to model the urban climate of Amsterdam


Please sign up for breakout groups
1040-1200 Session 5 (Chair: Onno Bokhove)
1040 Gordon Blair Data science and flooding
1120 Geoff Parkin Community sourced flood data
1200-1300 GROUP PHOTO, followed by Lunch
1300-1500 Session 6 (Chair: Elizabeth Cooper)
1300 Avinoam Baruch Crowdsourced flood data
1340 David Mason Using SAR to delineate flood extents
1420 Sanita Vetra-Carvalho Flood data assimilation and big data
1500 Breakout groups
1530 Coffee
1600 Breakout plenary
1640-1800 Session 7(Chair: Jon Bevington)
1640 Mike Gibson Urban flood modelling
1720 Onno Bokhove Drowning by numbers: how the Wetropolis flood demonstrator inspired flood excess-volume estimates
1900 Dinner


Weds 22 November
9.00-10.20 Session 8 (Chair: Sanita Vetra-Carvalho)
9.00 Sophie Ricci Data assimilation and flood forecasting
9.40 Renaud Hostache Flood forecasting using the particle filter


Please sign up for breakout groups
1040-1200 Session 9 (Chair:Renaud Hostache)
1040 Elizabeth Cooper Improving flood prediction using data assimilation
1120 Hans Lievens Data Assimilation and hydrology
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1420 Session 10 (Chair: David Mason)
1300 Jon Bevington Flood Foresight System
1340 Lindsay Beevers Water resilient cities
1420 Breakout groups
1450 Breakout plenary and wrap up
1530 Workshop Close (Tea/Coffee)
1600-1700 DARE Advisory Board meeting