Why? How? What now?

Want to know more about our research? Here are some videos and summaries of our published work written in non-technical language. The video at the top provides a summary.

Why? How? What now? The DARE project and its legacy


Improving weather forecasts by making the most of observations

Every picture tells a story: predicting river levels & flooding (pdf)
Using observations from private cars to help predict the weather (video) (pdf)
Using satellite data for flood monitoring in urban areas:

  1. Using satellite data to monitor urban flooding
    A summary video  https://youtu.be/gPgU-SqDOtk
  2. Monitoring urban flooding with satellite data
    Dr David Mason talks about monitoring floods in urban areas with synthetic aperture radar satellite data. https://youtu.be/Jzuwhl_LJUM
  3. New science: monitoring urban flooding with satellite data
    Dr David Mason gives a detailed explanation about using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) observations to observe flooding in urban areas. https://youtu.be/4YH_gLRdRFw
  4. Flood monitoring with satellite data
    Prof Hannah Cloke talks about using satellite data for monitoring urban flooding.
Making the best use of satellite data in river flood mapping ( pdf)
New low-cost aircraft observations for improving weather forecasts (pdf)
Data assimilation: The secret to better weather forecasts (video)
How accurate are our atmospheric observations? (pdf)
High speed mathematics: reducing the computation time for weather forecasting (pdf)
Flood inundation mapping with data assimilation (pdf)