News & views  on data science and the environment

Data assimilation under dramatic growth of observational data and rapid advances in computer performance

By Guannan Hu The importance of data assimilation Data assimilation (DA) is a technique used to produce initial conditions for numerical weather prediction (NWP), where computer models describing the evolution of the atmosphere are used to predict future weather based ...
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We’re thrilled to announce Professor Sarah Dance’s Royal Meteorological Society prize

The Adrian Gill Prize was awarded to Professor Sarah Dance for her world class research in data assimilation for hazardous weather and flood prediction. The full press release along with Sarah’s acceptance speech is on the RMetS 2020 awards page ...
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Can You Guess The Ingredients Of A Cake?

By: Amos Lawless “Mmm this cake is lovely, what’s in it?” “Try to guess!” How often have we had that response from a friend or colleague who is proud of the cake they have just baked? And we usually try ...
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New ECMWF strategy for machine learning

ECMWF have just published a strategy for machine learning for the next 10 years. The idea is to combine the best that data-driven approaches can provide with the strengths and physical understanding encapsulated in their existing forecasting systems. More details ...
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